Turns out baby owls sleep like newborn kids do…

We’re all aware that owls snooze while upright, right? This has been documented in novels, videos, and images. Nobody bothered to point out that this only applies to adult owls, though.

On the other hand, young owls sleep like little children. They become comfortable by lying on their stomach and turning their heads before giving in to dreamy slumber.

Mark Rees, a journalist and novelist, recently learned of this and wanted to inform his Twitter followers. Rees claims that because their heads are too large for their bodies, baby owls, often known as owlets, sleep in this position.

As it turned out, many other individuals were also learning about it for the first time, and his tweet soon gained popularity.

Even when they are perched on trees, owlets can still sleep in this manner. Baby owls hold onto the branches firmly with their hallux (rear toe), which allows them to maintain their stance even while dozing.

Rees’ tweet caused numerous more tweets concerning newborn owls’ sleeping patterns to reappear on Twitter. See them listed below.

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