Simon said her singing is “annoying” but she proved him the opposite…

When Scarlett Lee originally applied to be on The X Factor in 2017, Simon Cowell was utterly brutal with her. She persisted though, and she sang a second song to the judges to demonstrate yet another talent. View her audition video below.

The ‘X Factor’ audition of Scarlett Lee didn’t quite impress Simon Cowell.
At her audition, Scarlett brought sketches of Simon that she had made when she was just seven years old. She was working as a makeup artist at the time and had always wanted to perform on The X Factor. She wasted no time in starting to sing in front of her idols. Simon interrupted Scarlett’s mashup of a few well-known songs midway through. He said, “This was annoying. He requested, “Could you stop with all these strange ad-libs and everything else and just let me hear your voice straight.” In an effort to save face, Scarlett performed a second song, which divided the judges even further. Because she was attempting to “be too clever” with her singing, according to Simon, she made the situation “more challenging.” He was honest when he said, “There are parts of your voice I literally couldn’t bear.

Nevertheless, he found her to be likeable, which was enough to advance her to the following round. She was subsequently eliminated during the six chair challenge. She returned the following year to re-audition, and it did not deter her. Scarlett performed an original song during this audition, and Simon cut her off in typical Simon way.

He urged her to use her second song to demonstrate to the audience why she deserves to be on the show. Scarlett finally won over Simon and the rest of the panel with her subsequent song, moving on to the competition’s following round when she started to outperform everyone else.

She was the final act in the girls’ category when Simon chose her to move on to the live stages. In the best comeback story of all time on The X Factor, she placed second that year.

Scarlett was having success on the show when tragedy struck in 2018 when her family house caught fire and burned down, injuring her eyes. Simon wanted to assist in any way he could despite the fact that she and her family had lost everything in the fire. Toys, clothing, and any other necessities for her family were brought over by his team. Late in 2018, Scarlett declared her intention to launch a plus-size apparel line and an album. She most recently stated on social media that she has been recording music in the studio.

We are eager to hear Scarlet’s entire record because it is obvious that she will never give up on her goal of becoming a singer. One of the greatest “X Factor” stories ever was unquestionably this one.

Watch her incredible performances below:

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Simon said her singing is “annoying” but she proved him the opposite…
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