Choosing to live as if it’s the 1930s, a young couple provides an insight inside their lifestyle…

This pair opts for a very distinctive way of living rather than watching TV and driving contemporary vehicles.

If you don’t enjoy old movies, all you need to do to get an idea of what a young couple looked like in the 1940s is watch the current hit movie The Notebook.

But it seems that just because you live in 2022, you still have the option of dressing as though you were alive in the 1980s. At least this is true for a British couple who lives in Bilston, West Midlands, and has a vintage lifestyle inspired by the 1930s and 1940s.

28-year-old Robert Oestmann, Ruth Shelley’s 27-year-old partner, and she both enjoy vintage items. In a sense, this is what drew them together, and the pair says it’s one of the reasons their bond is so strong.

See, Ruth and Robert want to dress as though they were living in the 1930s, but they also like to stay away from the modern distractions that technology has brought with it.

These young men don’t watch Netflix, and they only use their phones in emergencies.

“This way of living works best for us and is good for our relationships. In an interview, they said, “It works for us because we are present in the moment rather than addicted to Netflix or on our phones.

Ruth, a research historian, enjoys riding her bicycle around town, despite the fact that she readily acknowledges that others frequently gawk at them or even want photos with them.

Those who are shy or introverted should not live this lifestyle.
“This style is not appropriate for someone who is shy because we do attract a lot of attention. We don’t mind at all, and the reaction is frequently favorable,” they declared.

The elderly who see them on the street stare at them as though they were a throwback to their youth. They just adore it.

And the young pair gives us an insight of how they go about their daily lives if you’re interested.
Robert sells whiskey while Ruth works on her freelance jobs. When they have free time, they enjoy spending it together cooking, taking walks, or dancing to oldies.

We both read, converse, or help Robert cook in our free time. We have a few vintage cookbooks that are fascinating historically, according to Ruth.

The fact that they don’t spend their days in front of a screen makes them extremely happy, and they are confident that doing so makes their lives happier.

They don’t even each have a TV. As Ruth said, she doesn’t mind if a TV is on when she travels somewhere, but she doesn’t think having one at home would be practical. Evidently, Robert is on board with this.

The pair even has a vintage automobile, giving them an even more time-traveling appearance.

Watch the video below to see them live their lives in a unique way!

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Choosing to live as if it’s the 1930s, a young couple provides an insight inside their lifestyle…
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