The woman wakes up from two-year coma to make surprising announcement about the reason…

Waiting two years for these kinds of responses is excessive. I’m relieved that she is finally recovering.

Miracles are possible.
Wanda Palmer has finally awakened after spending the last two years in a coma, much to the relief of her mother Aileen.

God is good, she’s still with us. Aileen revealed. Thank God, she continues to be prayed for.

In June 2020, Wanda Palmer was found savagely beaten inside her own home in Cottageville, West Virginia.

The police from the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department found her in an upright position on her couch. Due to her injuries, her attacker most likely used a hatchet or ax.

She was unconscious and barely alive. They searched for any signs of her attacker and any leads, but they were unable in doing so.

“We had a rough understanding of what happened, but the problem was that we had no information about the case’s nuts and bolts. No one resided in the house, there were no eyewitnesses, and there was no surveillance video or cell phone data. Ross Mellenger,”. The sheriff for Jackson Country, said there wasn’t anything there to move forward on.

The investigation conducted by Wanda Palmer was abandoned.
It was just just opened following a significant development in the inquiry. After being in a coma for two years, Wanda woke up.

Wanda’s former residence, the long-term care facility in New Martinsville, called the investigators to inform them of the recent development.

Wanda was able to communicate with the authorities, they said to the police.

Despite suffering serious brain damage during the incident, she had started to talk in single words and did answer when a question was put to her.

Because of this, Sheriff Mellenger was confident Wanda was lucid enough to speak the truth when he went to question her about her assailant. The truth is painful.
Wanda identified the assailant as her brother, Daniel Palmer.

Daniel is accused of attempting to kill someone and intentionally injuring someone.

According to earlier witness accounts, Daniel was saw on Wanda’s porch around midnight the night before she was found.

He wasn’t arrested because there were sadly no phone records, surveillance videos, or other witnesses to support this report.

Since he refused to sign any paperwork, he was kept in jail on a $500,000 bail without access to a lawyer.

The victim held the key to everything, and because she was unable to communicate, we had no other option. Two years later, she’s awake and able to tell us everything that took place, the sheriff said.

Wanda responded that she remembered getting hurt inside a trailer when they inquired about what transpired. When asked who had hurt her, she responded that it had been her brother.

They also questioned Daniel’s possible motive for harming her.She claimed he was rude.

Wanda and Daniel have a violent past, but Daniel denies any involvement and claims he wasn’t even close to Wanda’s residence at the time of the attack.

The video below explains what happened in more detail:

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The woman wakes up from two-year coma to make surprising announcement about the reason…
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