The little girl rocks with her movements during the performance, and her viral video gains 53 million views…

“She is exactly who she says she is. She was simply following the Lord.”

Some people have such a strong spirit that it overflows from them, giving them a brilliant light in a world that can occasionally seem dark.

You can immediately feel Loren Patterson’s excitement when you first meet her, and it soon becomes your joy as well.
In 2017, when the young girl from Tennessee was only 6 years old, her enthusiastic performance of “Old Church Choir,” which she sang with her fellow church choir members during Sunday service, went viral.

You won’t need to wonder which youngster is Loren if you watch the video.

She is the pink-clad person who is cheering, stamping her feet, and soulfully singing along with the choir members who are more reserved.

I’ve got a heart overflowing ’cause I’ve been restored. Her singing shows that she is truly filled with the Holy Spirit. Nothing will be able to steal my joy.

More than 59 million people have watched the viral video of Loren singing with the choir.

Jennifer Patterson, Loren’s mother, said, “I feel that the video is providing joy to people in a dark world.” People are contacting me from all over the world.”

According to Patterson, she usually keeps her social media posts private, but she made the video shareable for her loved ones.
She hopes that by using Loren, viewers will be able to see God’s love.
According to Patterson, it doesn’t matter if just one person is affected and learns about Christ’s atoning power.

Loren stated that while she enjoyed swaying to the music, there was one particular reason why the song impacted her so much.

Loren said, “I can sing about Jesus.”
Patterson admitted that she wasn’t immediately aware of the conversation taking place throughout Loren’s performance.

She wasn’t surprised at all when she learned that everyone was talking about her daughter.
“That is absolutely who she is, said Patterson. She was simply following the Lord.”

Mom claims she received several messages from individuals expressing their gratitude for Loren’s performance.

Check out Loren’s beautiful performance in the video below:

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The little girl rocks with her movements during the performance, and her viral video gains 53 million views…
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