Fans of Drew Barrymore get inspired and applaud the actress for “healing her inner child” in a funny viral video…

Fans of Drew Barrymore are rejoicing over the actress’ carefree and happy video in which she enjoys the rain while thinking back on her difficult upbringing.

The former actress who is now a talk show host has become extremely popular after posting a video of herself having fun in the rain online.

This week, the Charlie’s Angels actress urged her followers on Instagram to have fun in the rain if they ever had the chance.

She enthusiastically exclaimed in the video, “Whenever you can, go outside in the rain, do not miss the opportunity.”

Fans were thrilled to see the 47-year-old enjoying life’s simple pleasures in the video.

“As much as Drew Barrymore loves everything, I want to love everything equally. Perfection, “one tweet reads.

Another person continued, “I want to view the world through Drew Barrymore’s eyes because she knows something we don’t.

However, it has also prompted a conversation on social media regarding Barrymore’s upbringing as a child celebrity in Hollywood and her terrible childhood.

“People who are being disrespectful about this obviously don’t remember all that Drew Barrymore endured while she was a kid star. I always grin when I think about how much joy she has in her life “one reply reads.

One person added: “Drew Barrymore is healing their inner kid harder than anyone else.”

“Some of you need to look up her childhood experiences on Google. Just being here with us and experiencing the rain makes me happy “another stated.

Hollywood dynasty member Drew Barrymore gained notoriety at the age of 7 in the cherished Steven Spielberg classic.

Although the actress has been upfront about having substance abuse problems and divorcing her parents at a very young age, growing up in Tinseltown was far from ideal for a young child.

In a candid interview, Barrymore described the scope of this lifestyle and said she entered rehab when she was 12 years old.

She reflected on that turbulent moment in her life, saying, “That was probably the lowest when I was 13. “just realizing that I was truly alone And it was… awful. It was a very rebellious time. I would flee. I was quite furious.”

Fans are thrilled to see Barrymore experience happy moments and sharing them with her followers after having such a difficult childhood in the past.

Do you mind if I enter this week with thankfulness and whimsy, channeling Drew Barrymore’s innocent spirit? another tweet is read.

A similar video that went viral a few months ago had Drew Barrymore urging her fans to hurry outside in the rain if it was raining where they were.

Watch the video here:

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Fans of Drew Barrymore get inspired and applaud the actress for “healing her inner child” in a funny viral video…
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