Simon stops the anxious piano player, but by the end everyone is standing up…

On the AGT show, Kieran Rhodes sat down to play a piano rendition of a Billy Joel song. However, after Simon Cowell stopped him, he gave a unique performance and charmed everyone over.

Prior to discovering Billie Joel, Kieran Rhodes was passionate about baseball. Kieran suddenly realized what he wanted to do with his life.
He had never played an instrument before in his life, but that didn’t stop him from traveling to America’s Got Talent to submit an audition. But then the most unexpected thing occurs. As Simon began to perform his first song, he stopped a tense Kieran. But at the conclusion, everybody is standing!

Can you picture Simon intervening in the middle of your great moment of opportunity? But Simon had an excellent purpose for doing it. Insecure Kieran Rhodes was being reserved. Instead of withdrawing into himself, Simon urged him to shine.

Kieran gave the judges a brief introduction before sharing with them how he had trained himself to play the piano, sing, and even get accepted into Berklee College of Music. The judges merely needed to find the talent this young man possessed.

So it didn’t feel appropriate for the stage when Kieran Rhodes started playing a Billy Joel song. Simon held up his hand in the middle of the song to tell Kieran to stop. At first, Simon’s request stunned him, but he later explained that he wanted Kieran’s skill to truly shine on stage and requested him to perform a song that he had written. He picked a song that described going through depression.

Kieran’s musical talent at that precise moment astounded both the judges and the audience. All of them were standing as he finished singing. Finally, the judges urged him to pursue his goals because he truly is the total package. He needs just to have faith in himself.

Now, if only we could all learn from Simon’s example and muster the guts to act accordingly, even if we require a little prodding from people who have faith in us.

Watch his stunning performance below:

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Simon stops the anxious piano player, but by the end everyone is standing up…
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