Who was Linda Thompson, Elvis’ girlfriend, and why was she “completely removed” from his docudrama?

According to some biographers, Elvis’ “list of one-night stands would cover volumes.”

The “King of Rock and Roll” did, however, have his share of women he was completely dedicated to despite his well-known philandering and wandering eye.

The most famous of his consorts was without a doubt Priscilla Presley, to whom he was married from 1967 until 1973 and with whom he had a daughter named Lisa-Marie.

Following their breakup, Elvis dated beauty pageant winner and actress/model Linda Thompson for the following 4.5 years.

Who was she, though, and why was she left out of the most recent Baz Luhrmann biopic?

Elvis met Linda Thompson in 1972, six months after Priscilla had departed but before their divorce was finalized, and the two dated for four and a half years.

After only a few months of dating, Thompson moved in with Elvis at his Graceland house after the two of them bonded over their similar faith in a higher power and their love of gospel music.

She subsequently recalled being invited to a midnight movie showing organized by Presley, who had booked out the entire theater, and the first time she laid eyes on him.

She recalled that it was the middle of July in Memphis, and that the weather was oppressively hot and muggy.

He was wearing a black cloak with a red satin lining and a high collar, so I remarked, “Dressed a little like Dracula, aren’t we?” Therefore, as you can see, we both had a sense of humor that was extremely similar to one another.

We “simply hit it off” right away since we had the same religious convictions, love for our family, loyalty to our mother and father, and Memphis-born upbringing.

They remained faithful to one another for a while, but in 1975 Elvis secretly started dating Mindi Miller, which led Thompson to break up with him.

During this time, Elvis stopped caring for himself and began to indulge excessively.

According to Linda, “there were times when he was very, very difficult.”

It was difficult for me to watch someone I loved so much ruin himself since he displayed a lot of self-destructive behavior, as he said.

Linda Thompson eventually found success as a songwriter, penning songs like “I Have Nothing” and “The Power of the Dream” for notable performers including Whitney Houston, Céline Dion, and Barbra Streisand.

She claims that she was “erased” from Elvis Presley’s history after the latest biography about the singer was released.

She said, “I wouldn’t call it a biography,” when asked if she had watched the movie.

She was reportedly disappointed that she wasn’t included in the movie despite years of traveling with Elvis and admitting that she “actually saved his life on multiple occasions.”

She addressed her omission by uploading images of herself inside the Graceland Estate on Instagram, where she is still obviously very much welcomed.

“Wednesday insight You can never lose your understanding of the TRUTH. Your significance and relevance in other people’s lives are forever imprinted in their minds “The speaker spoke.

“Carve out your successes and understand where you fit in the world.”

“No one can ever rob you of it. Wear authenticity with pride and dignity, like a crown of honor! Your legacy will be determined by how gracefully you handle your history, she wrote on Instagram accompanying the pictures.

Fans of both the King and Linda Thompson are undoubtedly incensed by the neglect of their idol’s relationships after Priscilla.

Not even Ginger Alden, his final love interest who discovered his lifeless body, was mentioned.

In reality, Lisa-Marie Presley called Linda as soon as she learned her father had passed away.

One of her followers commented on her Instagram post: “You played a significant role in Elvis’ life. Your time with him cannot be diminished by a movie.”

Another person said: “That claim that Priscilla was the sole person in his life is being repeated. Denying and erasing these women, including you, doesn’t make his tale true because I believe that everyone of you had an impact on him and helped to mold him.”

One-third of her Instagram followers want Linda to “please remember all of us who know the truth and the many more after, who will learn the real tale.”

Her influence on Elvis Presley and his daughter’s lives is undeniable, despite the fact that she isn’t featured in the movie.

Watch the video about her below:

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Who was Linda Thompson, Elvis’ girlfriend, and why was she “completely removed” from his docudrama?
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