The pregnant mother believed she had plenty of time, but the baby had other plans… Watch the video for more details…

When a baby boy chose to arrive early and quickly, the mother gave birth at home in her front yard.

Some expectant mothers choose to deliver their baby at home rather than in a hospital as part of their birth plan. One of those mothers, however, is not Emily Johnson. She had every intention of giving birth to Thomas in a hospital bed.

But Little Thomas had different ideas!

Michael and Emily Johnson weren’t overly worried when Emily Johnson first started having contractions a week early. There were 10 minutes between each contraction. Additionally, they believed they had plenty of time because the hospital was only five minutes away.

But then, everything radically changed.

Emily’s contractions started coming harder and faster all of a sudden.

In a period of 20 to 30 minutes, the contractions decreased from three minutes to two minutes to one minute, and she recalls thinking, “Oh, we had to get into the car — we have to go.”

Emily Johnson sensed Baby Thomas wouldn’t wait until they arrived at the hospital as she left her house and crossed the front lawn. So, this mother gave birth at home in her front yard as she was lying down in the grass.

Kristy Sparks, Emily’s mother, showed in just in time to help out. And then the paramedics showed up.

By the time they approached me, I was holding a sobbing infant, according to Kristy. “It seemed unbelievable,”

Thomas, a cute little baby, arrived at 10:42 p.m. and weighed 7 pounds, 11 ounces.

The miracle baby for the couple was Thomas in more ways than one. It took six months after Emily and Michael Johnson made the decision to try having a sibling for their 3-year-old son Blake.

The conclusion was rather miraculous, even though their front yard experience undoubtedly puts new meaning to the term “natural birth.” We occasionally forget how many things can go wrong during giving birth. Nevertheless, taking everything into account, the unplanned delivery went fairly well.

The birth story of the woman who gave birth at home in the front yard is not just entirely unusual and odd. She has video of the bizarre encounter as well, thanks to the couple’s doorbell camera!

The video of Emily Johnson’s unique birth was finished by the time the Johnson family arrived at the hospital, with Emily coated in grass clippings and stains from the ground. And the mom’s response to going viral is the finest.

“I’m delighted that a video with me moaning like a farm animal greeting my second baby may bring joy and humor to others,” she quips in light of the recent suffering, trauma, and negativity in the headlines.

What a fascinating tale! And in a world filled with so much ambiguity, we can find solace in the fact that our God never alters!

Watch the adorable video below:

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The pregnant mother believed she had plenty of time, but the baby had other plans… Watch the video for more details…
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