A neighbor trashes a family’s house after they adopt two girls… The two brothers’ video speaking out for sisters’ defense goes viral…

A family that adopted two kids had their house vandalized. The vandalism included hate comments directed at the two adopted girls, but their two younger brothers weren’t having it and stood up for them without hesitation.

The family awoke as usual, but when they went outdoors, they discovered something unexpected. The Hollis family was taken aback because they are from a little town in Illinois. This kind of thing doesn’t usually happen. When mother Anne Hollis discovered their home had been spray painted, she was absolutely shocked.

The hate speech that was seen sprayed on their house included the words “Get Outta Here” and “Retard.”

They took this attack quite seriously. They also think it occurred as a result of the adoption that went place. Two daughters with Down syndrome that they recently adopted. According to Anne, this day had a permanent impact on her life. Her sons, ages 6 and 7, made a video to defend their sisters and speak up for them.

They addressed the crowd and urged everyone to cease using the word “retard” with the assistance of their parents. After finding out about their film, the Everyone Matters initiative requested permission to share it. The Hollis family could not have been more pleased to have permitted this to happen.

The tale quickly spread over the internet, and the original YouTube video now has over 1 million views.

The boys are seen carrying index cards in the footage. Their sisters’ names are listed as “For Meg and Alina” on the cards. The remainder of their video uses the index cards to further their message.

The first card that is raised has the word “Realizing” with the initial letter of the verb underlined. This is being done to make a point against the word “retard” and to let others know that they shouldn’t use it to describe people with Down syndrome.

They continue by outlining the skills and abilities of their sisters and how the term “retard” in no way applies to them. After that, they gave viewers a brief glimpse into their life by going into great depth and detailing their sisters’ characteristics. The guys made every effort to disprove common misconceptions about people with Down syndrome.

A picture of their entire family appears in the film once the boys had finished with the cards. The brothers now ask if you’d be prepared to assist their sisters.

They urge the audience to support them by speaking kindly and not negatively. They aim to spread respect, love, and hope. As you’ll see at the conclusion of the film, they make it abundantly obvious that their sisters are not “retards.”

Can you think someone would do such a thing to their house? The fact that this family had to experience this is incredibly terrible, but at least they are learning from it.

Watch the video below:

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A neighbor trashes a family’s house after they adopt two girls… The two brothers’ video speaking out for sisters’ defense goes viral…
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