The engaged couple freaks out to find out who they used to be in childhood… Watch their video to know more…

When Edward and Heidi started dating in college, they had no idea they had had run across them other before.

You are aware of what is said about destiny and fate. Although not everyone believes in them, there are times when hearing about stories like the one that will follow makes it impossible to remain apathetic.

Edward and Heidi first met in college. Both of them were in their third year of study, and it just so happened that Edward stayed at the home where Heidi had resided the year before.
He turned to her for assistance as a result when he went to wash his clothing and realized he had no understanding how the washing machine operated.

According to Heidi, “He didn’t know how to use the washing machine in the student apartment.” He discovered a piece of mail bearing my name, realized I had previously resided there, and determined I might assist.

At the time, Edward was a psychology student at Newcastle University, while Heidi was studying business and economics there. Heidi later revealed that she only responded to his Facebook message because she thought he was “attractive”.

Soon after their Facebook conversation, they ran into each other while out with friends, and Heidi used the opportunity to introduce herself.

Since that time, the two have been a pair and cannot picture living without the other.

After graduating from college, they obtained employment, bought a home in Wandsworth, and moved in together.

Edward popped the question to her in 2015, and she accepted! The delighted couple invited friends and relatives to a party to celebrate their engagement.

When the moms of Heidi and Edward started chatting about trips, Heidi’s mother recalled that when her daughter was six, they had fallen in love while on vacation in Bodrum.

Heidi didn’t remember the boy, but when her mother went back home and looked through old albums, several pictures of the two kids together turned up.

Edward and Heidi both experienced astonishment at that point. The Turkish youngster who had been engaged to Heidi since he was six years old.

I don’t remember first meeting Ed when I was a kid, but the pictures show that we were spending a lot of time together when we were on vacation, Heidi remarked.

They appeared to have spent a lot of time together during that trip, and more than ten years later, life brought them back together.
The pair wed in 2017, and their wedding invitations had a replica of an old photo of them laughing and wearing bikinis.

Of course, during the wedding reception, the main topic of conversation among their guests was the fact that they just so happened to reconnect after all these years and fell in love.
While on their honeymoon in the Maldives, the pair also visited Bodrum to return to the spot where they originally met.

What a fascinating tale that makes you believe in fate.

Watch the video below to see the pair returning to Bodrum!

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The engaged couple freaks out to find out who they used to be in childhood… Watch their video to know more…
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