The audience might have suspected that, but the adult ice skater impressed them with her performance…

She is not only incredibly accomplished, but it is also clear that she adores what she is doing.

Being an average adult does not prevent you from being a show-stopper. A living example of this is figure skater Jocelyn Delmar. She competes and wows audiences, so it’s not just during open skate evenings that she simply glides around on the ice.

She may be seen skating to Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Bass” at the US Adult Championships.

The woman’s self-assured grin speaks for itself.
As Delmar starts her routine to the applause of her audience, the music further enhances her enthusiasm for being on the ice. They obviously understand right away that they’re in for a fantastic treat.

Delmar is out there doing what she loves, so she’s not like those pros who appear to float on air and pull off spectacular jumps and spins. Although the ice is chilly, her grin is pleasant.

Additionally, Jocelyn has supporters in the video’s comments!
She is figure skating in a competition, which I like! One viewer exclaims, “This lady has courage and is one of the smart ones in this foolish world!”

Added another

“OMG, having only recently taken up figure skating at the age of 43 and having a figure quite similar to that of this rock star, I almost broke my ribs watching that!” Purple, please! Yes, lady!

You’ll see why she merits only praise after witnessing her in action.

She even seems to have joined just for the purpose of skating and taking part in the competitive environment.

Delmar seemed to be having a joy while skating, and we can’t say we blame her.

Jocelyn doesn’t hesitate to pursue her passions. She gets up and skates her heart out despite the fact that she could have jitters, just like even pros occasionally do.

She and other skaters ensure that the sport will continue. Kids all throughout the world will learn that you don’t have to be an absolute pro to win a competition. The audience will be astounded by your combination of expertise, hard work, and a positive attitude.

To see Delmar’s entertaining skating performance, click the play button below.

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The audience might have suspected that, but the adult ice skater impressed them with her performance…
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