A dad and daughter share a heartwarming video story which makes Kelly Clarkson too emotional…

The father-daughter team behind the popular Dad Advice From Bo TikTok videos is Emily and Bo Petterson. Kelly Clarkson “breaks” as she listens to the two tell the genuine tale behind their well-known TikTok channel, causing her to start crying.

Sometimes all we need to do is talk to our fathers. For some of us, though, it is not possible. Either our fathers left us or they passed away. However, one parent is prepared to speak with you and provide you some fatherly counsel.

Bo Petterson is making a difference in the lives of millions of people by teaching them everything from how to replace a tire to how to check the oil in a car to how to handle a challenging day. This father and his daughter Emily recently moved Kelly Clarkson to tears as they recounted their motivational tale.

Bo Petterson, also known as TikTok Dad, is this father. He has millions of fans because he not only offers sage counsel but also generous amounts of encouragement.

Bo first resisted joining TikTok, though. He’s a really private person, and he never really enjoyed being online. But Emily, his daughter, had thought of it.

After sustaining a serious brain injury, Emily Petterson struggled to rediscover her identity. She was confident that her father would always be by her side. However, that made her consider all the other people in the world who lacked a father. Bo’s viewpoint was altered by hers, and as a result of his encouraging dad messages and fatherly counsel, he became an overnight internet star.

The father-daughter team of Emily and Bo Petterson were honored and eager to discuss the origins of their Dad Advice From Bo TikTok channel when Kelly Clarkson invited them to appear on her show. However, Emily’s replies drove Kelly to tears as she talked of her brain injury and how her dad was always there for her. Bo was complimented by Kelly for his generosity and for spreading goodwill. We also need to thank Bo, in my opinion. The world needs more fatherly guidance and tenderness. What a wonderful blessing TikTok is for us.

Watch the video here:

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A dad and daughter share a heartwarming video story which makes Kelly Clarkson too emotional…
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