How a well-known Beatles song was remixed by Frank Sinatra and Elvis…

If done incorrectly, tampering with a Beatles song’s structure can amount to sacrilege. It’s usually better to take a wholly deconstructionist approach, as The Damned did with their song “Help!” or The Residents did with a variety of tracks on their single “The Beatles Play The Residents and The Residents Play the Beatles.” Even though it would be practically impossible to compare to the Fab Four, some of the greatest musicians of all time have nevertheless tried.

Paul McCartney thought back on the several covers he had come across over the years when speaking with Pulp founder Jarvis Cocker at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts back in 2018. McCartney discussed the legendary reputation of “Yesterday” and its countless renditions over the years, mentioning a preference for Ray Charles’ 1968 rendition of “Eleanor Rigby.”

“I got lucky when I thought of ‘Yesterday. Cocker was informed by McCartney that “it’s been covered like about 3000 times.” “And I believe that was recorded by at least 3000 individuals. Thus, I was constantly in awe: “3000, wow.” That is fantastic. However, I questioned, “Who are these people? ”

McCartney was defeated by curiosity. In order to compare and contrast how other musicians have interpreted one of his most favorite songs, he came up with a solution: have one of his staff compile a list of the finest covers. It turned out to be unexpected what he received.

So I asked, “Johnny, can you get me like the top ten? ” of one of our guys. Just list the ten finest ones, please. I consequently listened to each one. They were fantastic,” exclaimed McCartney. It was comparable to Frank Sinatra, Elvis, Marvin Gaye, Ray Charles, and a long list of other artists. Amazing people come in amazing forms. However, it’s a funny thing. It was Frank, Elvis, and, I believe, Marvin who modified the lyrics when I was listening through them.

“Why she had to leave, I don’t know, she wouldn’t say, I said something wrong,” I said in the midst. They switched to “I don’t know why she had to leave; she wouldn’t say, so I must have said something wrong,”” McCartney made a note. As you are aware, ‘Disclaimer! Maybe, but I don’t believe I did. I did, they claim. However, I don’t believe I did.

The lyrical change that McCartney is referring to is included in Gaye’s rendition along with a few other significant alterations that Gaye made to make the song his own. See the three renditions of “Yesterday” below.

Listen to the songs below:

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How a well-known Beatles song was remixed by Frank Sinatra and Elvis…
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