Dick Van Dyke, 96, dancing with his wife is the most adorable and positive thing you will see today…

Despite being 96 years old, the iconic performer is still going strong. In fact, it appears that the Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang actor, renowned for the contagious enthusiasm he has displayed from the start of his career, is still seizing every chance he gets to make others smile.

Dyke was seen smiling as he left a restaurant in Malibu, California, earlier this month.

Additionally, he took the time to express to individuals how grateful he is to still be alive.

Dyke, who started his distinguished career in the 1940s, was observed conducting errands later that day, including purchasing a self-tanning spray from a nearby shop.

However, the footage from Valentine’s Day earlier this year is what has people talking right now.

In the video, Arlene Silver, 50, and Van Dyke can be seen dancing to the 1958 Doris Day song Everybody Loves a Lover.

Arlene begins the three-minute-long duet by examining herself in the mirror. The musician and producer then approaches her famous spouse, who is seated in a floral chair and polishing his nails.

The Mary Poppins actor joins his partner after singing a few verses, and the two proceed to execute the two-step and other dazzling dance movements in perfect unison.

It goes without saying that the video of Dick Van Dyke demonstrating that he still has it, especially given his advanced age, was a huge success with his supporters.

Van Dyke revealed to Closer Weekly a few years ago that he works out up to three times per week, which is impressive for a man who is closer to 90 than 100.

“I’ve always been an exerciser and still am,” he admitted in 2019. I enter the pool and work out. They advise people my age to keep moving. I’ll begin tapping if you put me on a stable surface.

Van Dyke also expressed gratitude to Silver, his girlfriend, for keeping him young.

“I occasionally lose sight of the huge experiment we’re conducting here — the 46-year gap. And we put some effort into it,” he said.

There must be some comprehension. Find out which previous habits are no longer effective. Although it requires some getting used to, that’s part of the enjoyment.

Meanwhile, Silver declared: “He is the most ideal human being. I have never met somebody who is that joyful, sincere, or amazing. He is merely like an antidepressant.

Watch the amazing video below:

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Dick Van Dyke, 96, dancing with his wife is the most adorable and positive thing you will see today…
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