Dame Judi opens up what made her stop playing lead roles for 30 years…

Dame Judi Dench has disclosed the insulting remark made to her by a filmmaker that discouraged her for 30 years from pursuing leading roles in motion pictures.

In the 1960s, Dench was already a well-known actor who had performed on stage and in a number of TV roles. After her agent got her an audition with a director, Dench began to consider moving into the film industry.

Dench put the ambition of being a leading lady on hold for a while, though, after a cruel remark made by a director.

“He was quite kind, but at the end he remarked, “You’ll never make a film; you have the wrong look,” stated 87-year-old Dench in an interview”.

And I said, “That’s great, I don’t enjoy movies anyhow,” she retorted. “I’d like to return to the theater.”

And she did, but she would go on to give the director a taste of his own medicine by landing her first starring part at the age of 63 in Mrs. Brown (1997), in which she played Queen Victoria.

She even received an Oscar nomination for Best Actress in a Leading Role because of how well she performed in the role.

Despite not winning the prize, Dench was nominated for and went on to win the Oscar for Best Actress in a Supporting Role for Shakespeare in Love the following year.

She was nominated for Best Actress in a Leading Role four more times throughout the years, most recently for the role of Philomena in 2013 in the films Iris from 2001, Mrs. Henderson Presents, Notes on a Scandal, and Iris.

The 1960s filmmaker who didn’t find Dench impressive obviously didn’t know what he was talking about.

The renowned actor gained notoriety earlier this year when she joked at the Oscars about still being a virgin.

While filming the red carpet at the 94th Academy Awards for Jimmy Kimmel Live, comedian Guillermo Rodriguez spotted Judi Dench and asked, “Do you want to say hello to the person that you lost your virginity to?”

Dench initially exhibited a hint of confusion before enquiring, “Lost my virginity to?”

But as she added, “Long dead,” her stern expression changed to a grin.

A video of the exchange quickly went viral, with fans praising Dench for her clever answer.

Sharing the clip, one fan wrote, “I love Dame Judi Dench so f*****g much” while another said: “We don’t deserve Dame Judi.”

“I’m losing my mind over Dame Judi Dench’s response when Guillermo asked if she wanted to say hello to the person she lost her virginity to. ” A third person added.

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Dame Judi opens up what made her stop playing lead roles for 30 years…
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