Beckham’s family is being stalked and the stalker woman’s request is weird and sweet at the same time…

David Beckham was worried about what Sharon Bell, his stalker, “would do next” since he believed she had “threatened” him and his family in the “chilling letters” she had sent.

Between July and November of last year, Sharon Bell, 58, targeted David Beckham, 47.
After receiving letters from home and visits to the Oxfordshire and west London houses he shares with wife Victoria Beckham, he feared for both himself and his family.

She sent letters before going to the properties, and David said in a statement that he was “worried about what she would do next” in court testimony given by the prosecutor Arizuna Asante.

Beckham claimed that on July 5, 2021, Bell informed him that she would be visiting their Oxfordshire house in a handwritten letter.

I hope you don’t mind, but I acquired your address from a detective agency, the letter said. David, I feel something for you.

David, Victoria owes me money since she has been stealing money from my bank account for years, which is not very nice. I would prefer that she wasn’t present.

Bell was “persistent” when she arrived at their house on July 9 but fled after security informed her that she was at the wrong place, according to testimony given in court.

Bell later sent a second letter to the Beckhams’ Holland Park residence and reappeared on September 9.

She read the letter to David and cautioned him: “If you won’t be there, someone will tell the media that you both have my roll numbers. Given that you have an OBE, that wouldn’t look good at all.

“You said I could come in for a conversation and a cup of tea if I write to you first and I’m unarmed (which I will be) . Please let me come in so we can talk because I truly want to talk to you.”

Bell continued, saying that David “owed” her the opportunity to speak with him, and wrote in the letter: “Your friend Tom Cruise has really upset me, David. He has done some terrible things to me. (PS I would like to be with you when you have brain surgery to give you a few new brain cells.)”

Beckham claimed Bell was a stranger to him and that he worried Bell was using threatening language toward him and his family.

“The letters were getting more and more threatening,” he claimed. “Clearly, the female knew where I lived.”

Because of a mental illness, Bell will not go through a criminal prosecution despite being accused of stalking.

Bell was ordered to be detained in accordance with the Mental Health Act by District Judge Michael Snow.

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Beckham’s family is being stalked and the stalker woman’s request is weird and sweet at the same time…
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