The popular Voice French muslim star takes off her hijab during the performance…

In 2018, singer Mennel Ibtissem tried out for the French version of The Voice by performing a cover of Leonard Cohen’s song “Hallelujah.” The performance was so good that it went viral. Both English and French were heard in her singing. After that, she tried out for the 2019 season of America’s Got Talent with another performance that went viral and was met with controversy. Not only did she have an incredible voice, but she also wore a hijab and was happy to be a Muslim female singer from France. This helped her rise to prominence. Her followers are perplexed since she just recently shared a photo on Instagram that depicts her seeming quite differently than she typically does. What might have caused this change?

Those who are familiar with Ibtissem’s auditions or her songs are aware that the hijab that she wears is an integral part of her identity. The hijab is a religious head covering that some Muslim women choose to wear. Mennel has decided to stop wearing her hijab as of recently, and instead she is letting her long brown hair loose. The question “why?” is being asked by a lot of admirers in the comments section, both in French and in Arabic. Mennel has not yet provided a direct response to the query, but she did write a lengthy post on her most recent picture in which she thanked her followers for supporting both her ideals and her music.

This is the part of her explanation that comes the closest to explaining her recent change in appearance, and it is as follows:

“I will never stoop to the level that is not mine,” I promised to myself. And I keep that smile, the one that says, “I am happy to be who I am, and I share with my community, my “mennies,” all of the love that is contained within me. If that is not enough, then I have nothing else to offer.” I am proud to be who I am, and if that is not enough, then I have nothing else to offer. I am wholly genuine, and I have no intention of changing that in any way. I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who appreciates both my music and who I am as a person for his genuine qualities. To let you know, the path of my story may be traced back to the source of my motivation.

You are the source of my motivation. It is the love, sincerity, and kindness of individuals who feel connected to me, to this musical cosmos which embraces our pains and our joys, our hopes and our glories. Those are the things that keep me going.
One day, someone advised me to walk in a straight line and not to turn around. As a result, I take one step, then two, and I boldly advance while keeping an open heart and a free spirit.

She underlined that social media is only a small aspect of life and that while she is grateful for the supportive comments she receives, she is also aware that it is not necessary to place undue weight on the critical feedback she receives.

She also uploaded a cover of John Mayer’s song “Slow Dancing In A Burning Room,” in which she is shown without a head covering on, and indicated that she is now working on her second album in the caption. More than 77,000 people have watched the video thus far.

Ibtissem’s audition for America’s Got Talent was shown in a montage, and it gave the impression that she was having difficulty performing her song. Simon Cowell offered her water and suggested she sing another song. The way that the footage was edited made it appear as though she did not advance to the following round. She took to social media to set the record straight and reveal that she did, in fact, make it to the next round. Because of this choice on the editing, she left the show. She is donning a hijab while she is auditioning for the role.

Evidently, the fact that the editing was done incorrectly did not bother her in the least. Since her debut on the show, she has amassed a devoted following that has continued to back her and give her music their support. She has 386,000 subscribers on YouTube and often uploads covers that are favorably welcomed. Fans have mentioned in the comments that she is gorgeous regardless of whether or not she is wearing her hijab. They acknowledge that it is her choice whether or not she wants to wear it, and regardless of her decision, they will stand by her and support her.

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The popular Voice French muslim star takes off her hijab during the performance…
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