The bus driver made sure all the kids were secure before…

Johnathon Grayer suffered serious injuries when his rental truck struck the back of a school bus.
However, he chose to help the children on the bus in his final moments rather than calling for assistance for himself.

In Southeast Georgia, the 25-year-old driver struck the bus with his truck as it was stopping to let kids off.
When Johnathon got onto the bus and began assisting the youngsters in getting to safety, there were about 10 kids on it.

Shane Copeland, a Georgia State Trooper, claimed that video from the bus surveillance camera showed Grayer removing seats to free kids who were stuck underneath.
He was rushed to the hospital after assisting the kids in finding safety, where he later passed away from his wounds.

Johnathon Grayer, the son of Veronica and Isaiah Grayer, was characterized as a kindhearted individual who “had this laugh about himself.”

“I was like, “Wow,” she continued. “They stated that for some reason or another, he simply ripped the whole seat out of the bus with the child.”

She claimed that her son made an effort to calm the kids on the bus.

“He informed a young youngster that they would be getting ice cream. The young child reportedly asked his parents, “Where is the man who got me off the bus?” As ice cream was supposed to be our reward,'” she remarked.

Johnathon’s father, Isaiah Grayer, continued, “After everything happened, he slumped and he was simply done like God saying, ‘You accomplished what I wanted you to do.'”

More than a dozen students were on the bus, according to the Georgia State Patrol, and 12 of them were sent to hospitals with non-life-threatening wounds.

Before taking his final breath, Johnathon Grayer died a hero by making sure the kids were secure.

More about this story is in the video below:

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The bus driver made sure all the kids were secure before…
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