Two tiny ballerinas start to fight on stage and steal the show…

Unfortunately, their charming performance didn’t go as planned.

In front of everyone, there was a brief altercation between Raegan and Freya, although it had nothing to do with a kingdom or a plot of land. People will associate names like that with something like Game of Thrones.

They are actually two young ladies who once aspired to be famous ballerinas. It’s fortunate that their parents had the foresight to raise them early.

Since this recital took place in 2012, the two girls are now much older and larger. However, on the day of their recital performance, something unexpected occurred.

While the other refused to accept that attitude, one of them snapped.

Not exactly what transpired is obvious. Although they are not exactly in tune, the girls are spread out around the stage dancing their little hearts out to “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”

The confrontation then takes place.
When Raegan and Freya start eyeing one other, they eventually start fighting. Considering that this is ballet, the toes are quite robust.

The taller girl prods at her rival’s face, indicating that they may have spoken harshly to one another. The crowd is now laughing in their seats as they start to gently shove one another back and forth.

It never seems to go as planned when young children are involved in performances, does it?

A spectator shared:

hilarious as hell. It appears that multiple ages were represented in one performance. The older girl was upset since the younger ones didn’t seem to care! Thirty years ago, I recall witnessing my niece in her recital. the same. There is laughter, including mine. On stage, kids are such a blast.

Given that the two dancers in front of them were almost ready to fight, you had to commend the other dancers for continuing the performance.

But what exactly was the source of their conflict?

Some viewers assume that the taller girl became irritated with the smaller female because she wasn’t perfectly following the instructions. Not to add that she got up and started walking back and forth.

Another viewer speculates that “maybe the taller one asked the shorter one to go back to her apartment and she refused and then poking stuff happened.”

And those elements are crucial in ballet.

The parents are having a blast, and soon the teachers walk up to the platform to divide the two little combatants. The others continued to dance throughout this time.

Raegan and Freya are competing to win the title of best ballet recital ever!

These lovely gals simply lost their temper. The other was a free spirit who wanted to dance her way; one desired a flawless recital.

While their parents were laughing, there was undoubtedly some reprimanding that took place in the car on the way home. But hey, at least these girls know how to defend themselves, so that’s good.

Watch the video of the performance below to see it for yourself!

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Two tiny ballerinas start to fight on stage and steal the show…
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