The son jumps out excitedly when he sees who the waiter is…

The moment the “waitress” entered the dining room, the family’s meal took a dramatic turn.

Military families face the particular challenge of adjusting to a parent’s extended absence.
The job obligations of military parents frequently provide challenges for both themselves and their families. Nobody wants to be apart from their loved ones, but communication breaks down occasionally. This can be quite difficult to deal with, especially for kids. Missing your parents so much is difficult.

The difficulties and emotional stakes can change depending on the child’s age. As a youngster gets older, they start to comprehend the reasons why their parents are moving away, and the risks involved with their parents’ jobs could start to worry them out more.

One military mother understood that she had to make a big impression on her kid when she returned from her deployment.

Teresa Black, the master sergeant, had been gone for a very long time. She wanted to make up for her absence to her son Rider because they are quite close. Teresa is a pillar in Rider’s life and frequently the first person he turns to for guidance or assistance. Their separation during her deployment was extremely difficult for him as a result.

It was a significant burden for both mother and son since Teresa was deployed for eight months.

I had never in my life been separated from her for such a long time, Rider said. She has been present there without fail for 21 years.

It’s difficult enough to be separated from loved ones, but Teresa also missed several important milestones. She also had to miss Rider’s 21st birthday and her daughter’s wedding. For the entire family, missing out on these moments was devastating.

Teresa and her husband both desired a grand homecoming celebration upon her return in order to make her son feel special.

They determined that the family’s preferred eatery was the ideal setting. While her family arrived and began placing dinner orders, Teresa remained hidden in the kitchen for up to an hour. Although Rider’s excitement was growing, she was still in the dark about what was going to happen.

Who made the okra order?

Rider could tell his mother was back with just that one word, which she uttered as she left the kitchen. In the middle of a group picture, he leaped out of his chair to see her for the first time in eight months.

He raced to his mother and gave her a strong hug because his excitement was so obvious. They continued to hug for a long. Fortunately, the entire reunion was recorded on tape, allowing everyone to witness the mother and son’s happiness.

It wasn’t simply about getting to spend more time with his favorite person that caused Rider to respond so strongly.

It wasn’t difficult merely because they were apart during his mother’s deployment. Rider, who is 21 years old, is old enough to be aware of many of the dangers involved in his mother’s line of work, which further adds to his stress while they are apart. Being at home allows Rider to be more reassured that she is safe and well as she is unable to fully disclose what her day-to-day activities include while she is gone due to the nature of her profession.

According to Teresa, their first discussion was as heartfelt and meaningful as you might expect:

The only things I could say at first were “I know, I know, I know” and “You’re home, you’re home, you’re home.”

See her son’s joyous response in the video below:

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