A 23-year-old woman wants to have a lot more babies after having already had 11…

Imagine being simultaneously interrupted by not one, but eleven infants. Christina Ozturk, a 23-year-old woman, leads this life and couldn’t be happier. She actually wants to expand her family because she is so in love with kids.

The young mother was interviewed to give our audience an insight into her life.

A teenage mother

Christina gave birth to Victoria when she was 17 years old. She was a single mother, but when she met her future husband while on vacation, her life was forever transformed. She claims that he proposed to her after falling in love with her at first sight and asking her to have many children with him.

The formula for the biggest family ever

The majority of Christina’s kids share the same age and were born around the same time! She and her husband decided to use surrogacy to fast grow their family because it is impossible to have that many children at once. She is still their biological mother even though she didn’t give birth to all of them. The couple wants many more children, although they haven’t decided on a specific number yet.

The babies require the help of the entire village.

Her wealthy partner, 56, is a fantastic dad who makes sure that the family’s needs are satisfied. They have nannies and a number of assistants to help Christina take the best possible care of the children.

Day as usual for Christina

According to Christina, her husband and she each took up a portion of the duties. She watches after the kids while he handles the work. They routinely accompany the youngsters to board games, walks, and movie theaters. They set aside the weekends for spending time together as a family, and no matter the day, they always find time for meals.


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A 23-year-old woman wants to have a lot more babies after having already had 11…
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