A teen does an unbelievable thing to return a purse containing a large sum of money to its owner…

When I thought this story couldn’t possibly get any nicer, he responded, “Sincerely, I didn’t anticipate receiving anything. She just got her purse from me. I had no expectations.”

Nowadays, it’s more common to read about people being taken advantage of, with headlines frequently dominated by scams and other malicious activities, but not in this instance. This young man mistakenly left her pocketbook full of cash in a shopping cart, but he did the right thing by giving it back to her.

This young person ought to be commended.

In Chula Vista, California, Eliana Martin was doing her weekly grocery shopping when she forgot her handbag in the cart. She was lucky that her bag was found by a special adolescent.

Adrian Rodriguez was there.
Fortunately, he was committed to acting morally.

So insistent that sending it by mail was out of the question.
Martin was in the process of canceling all of her credit cards when the young man made the decision to get in his car and drive it over to her.

Rodriguez told ABC 10 News, “My first impulse was to give it back.” He continued, “I was thinking if I should take it back into the store or just bring it, and I just brought it.”

Martin’s aunt showed her the video of the young man returning the pocketbook to her home, which was taken on the Ring doorbell. He watched the footage and couldn’t believe what she was witnessing. Did this high school freshman really just return her purse back, which was loaded with cash and credit cards?

He did, in fact.
And she simply had to meet him face to face.

Martin’s best friend, Melina Marquez, introduced the two so that Martin could express his gratitude in person. She then lavished the good samaritan with praise, saying:

“I hope my son grows up to be just like him,” I thought as soon as I saw what he was doing.

Rodriguez performed the act out of the goodness of his heart, but Martin and her closest friend afterwards thanked him by creating a GoFundMe.He made it plain during his interview with ABC 10 News that he wasn’t looking for any form of recognition and was simply acting morally.The majority of kids his age definitely wouldn’t have given it back, and if they had, they presumably would have anticipated some sort of compensation.

This young man should serve as an example to all people, young and old, since it shows that age is irrelevant when it comes to acting morally.

Things like this are incredibly heartwarming, and the world needs more people like Adrian Rodriguez.

Watch Adrian’s kind gesture in the video below:

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A teen does an unbelievable thing to return a purse containing a large sum of money to its owner…
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