A dog calls mom at work because he misses her, and the video goes online making millions of people laugh…

Many people underestimate how intelligent and devoted dogs can be to their owners, especially if they have never had one. But even dog owners who had owned dogs their entire lives were shocked to learn that Stanly, an Airedale Terrier, had contacted his owner while she was at work.

Stanly’s mother had been under the weather that day, but she nevertheless went to work, leaving Stanly at home with his father.

Stanly spent hours sitting outside the door, hoping his mother would arrive soon. When she did not arrive home right away, he stayed by the door and got dejected. Stanly started looking about the house for something to do to pass the time.

When his father saw that Stanly was in a bad mood, he served him breakfast to cheer him up. Stanly picked at his dinner, but he didn’t finish it all since his thoughts were elsewhere. He was aware that he wouldn’t be able to unwind until he heard his mother’s voice.

That’s when it occurred; Dad answered his phone when it phoned, and Stanly immediately recognized the caller as his mother. Stanly pleaded with his father as he ran up to him for a phone call, but his father did not understand what he was trying to say. Dad informed Stanly that his mother was working a double shift and wouldn’t be returning home for another six hours after he hung up.

Stanly spent some time in the family room’s corner watching Dad play some games on his smartphone. Stanly realized he had to take advantage of the opportunity to address his issue when Dad put the phone down and went to the bathroom. He rushed up to the phone and managed to press the redial button with his nose against the touchscreen.

Before Mom answered, the phone rang repeatedly. She said, wondering who was on the other line, “Hello,” but Stanly remained silent for a few seconds. Then, Stanly enthusiastically yelled into the phone to tell his mother how much he adored and missed her, and Dad recorded the entire exchange on camera so that everyone could see it.

Stanly’s mom called him on the phone and said, “I love you,” making him joyful than he has ever been.

Watch the video below:

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A dog calls mom at work because he misses her, and the video goes online making millions of people laugh…
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