“You might not have a job tomorrow” is what a woman “promises” a young lady on the plane… See what actually happens later in the video below…

Kindness is always a good idea, and thoughtful actions often have a domino effect that makes people happy. On the other hand, the opposite is true when people are rude. Someone can have a bad day in an instant.

The behavior of one passenger on a Delta Air flight shocked the flight crew. The woman didn’t know that good manners and decency go a long way, and she learned this the hard way.

Susan Peirez had no idea that her life would be turned upside down by a flight from JFK Airport in Queens, New York, to Syracuse in 2018. Marissa Rundell from Rochester, New York, was also not happy with the way Peirez spoke.

When a worker offered to put peirez on the next flight, the woman said something shocking in response.

The 19-year-old mother wasn’t happy, especially since her 8-month-old son Mason could hear her bad language. Rundell told the woman in a nice way to watch what she said, and she quickly saw that she had made a mistake.

Peirez told the young mother to “shut the [expletive] up and shove it.” She kept making a scene and wouldn’t let Rundell sit in the same aisle as her. The staff did their best to help the angry passenger who “didn’t want to sit next to a crying baby.”

On the recording, the young mother can be heard saying, “He’s not going to cry the whole time.” Rundell also said that Peirez was sad as soon as she got on the ship. The mother said: “She went to the back and threw down her bags. She said, “This is crazy.” It’s having to sit in the plane’s back.”

Peirez was rude to the Delta Air employees and yelled insults at them. When a member of staff offered to put Peirez on the next flight, Peirez’s response was shocking.

She joked that the worker might not have a job tomorrow and threatened his job. The flight attendant wouldn’t put up with it any longer, so she asked that the woman be kicked off the plane.

Once the staff member asked Peirez to get off the plane, she changed in a very big way. She understood what was at stake and said she was very sorry.

“No, I’m not yelling. I’ll be quiet now. Please. OK? I’m sorry. I was stressed out,” she said. Then Peirez said:

“I apologize. Please? I apologize … I apologize. This flight is necessary for me.”

But the woman’s apology fell on deaf ears, and the flight attendant was very upset with her behavior. She said that Peirez had to get off the plane because she yelled at a woman and her child.

The woman was taken off the plane after the flight attendant talked to a supervisor. Mom Rundell was shocked by what happened and couldn’t believe how Peirez treated her and the workers. Rundell said: “When she started to apologize, it kind of made me laugh because you can’t go from being a psycho to apologizing and acting like you didn’t do anything wrong. She had every right to be kicked off the plane.”

The mother thanked the airline staff for keeping her safe and praised how quickly they helped. She said, “Thank you to the nice Delta flight attendant for not letting this woman bully us.” However, Rundell did have some feelings of remorse.

The mother’s video of what happened got millions of views online and a lot of mean comments about Peirez, which was not what Rundell wanted to happen. She said:

“I feel sorry for this woman. We both don’t know each other’s stories. It’s possible that something went wrong. By the time we got there, everyone in my family had already seen it.”

Delta Air also said something about what happened and explained what they did, saying that the customer’s actions did not meet their standards of respect and civility. Their message said:

“We’re glad that our Endeavor Air flight attendant was committed to Delta’s core values, and we’re sorry for the trouble that happened on Flight 4017.”

Netizens said nice things about the flight attendant and told people to think twice before they judge service workers. One user said, “People don’t know how much power flight attendants really have.” Someone else added:

“If you decide to test someone’s power, you should always be ready to deal with the consequences.”

Commenters also talked about similar situations and said that customers’ senses of entitlement were shocking. One person said:

“I work in security, and I was helping with line control at an event one day. This woman came up to me when I was first in line. She said that she worked for the attorney for the state. I told her that she had to stay in line.”

The person in charge of security told us that the woman was upset and had come back to the line with a police officer. He was surprised by her bad mood and the fact that she didn’t care about his position.

Watch the video here:

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“You might not have a job tomorrow” is what a woman “promises” a young lady on the plane… See what actually happens later in the video below…
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