Take a napkin to watch the touching video of a disabled veteran getting emotional by this…

Victor had been having a hard time, and the holidays didn’t help. But he never thought that someone would do something so kind for him.

It hurts to see how hard some veterans have it.
They gave their whole lives to protecting what their country values. And since they don’t know if they’ll make it back alive, they risk their lives. When they come back, they may be homeless, broke, or unable to work.

During the holidays, these problems stand out a lot more.
As Thanksgiving Day gets closer and closer, it’s easy to see how much people have. Some people can pay for big, expensive meals. There will be a lot of turkey and sides, enough to last you the whole week. Some people can’t even buy a good meal on a normal day. And on one of the few days they can treat themselves, they can’t even spend.

During one of these times, the Surprise Squad came to help.
The squad is part of Las Vegas’s FOX 5 news team, and their favorite thing to do is pay for someone else’s groceries. They went to their local grocery store in November to find people they could help.

The first thing they did to surprise the person was walk up to a register and ask, “Can we pay for your groceries?”

Happy shoppers went crazy. Not many days are like this, and most of these customers just needed a break.

They also met a woman who had three children.
She didn’t know what to say when the Surprise Squad asked her to put her money away. At first, she didn’t know what was going on, but when she heard the good news, she was so happy she couldn’t even say it.

She told the Surprise Squad that as a mom, money isn’t always easy to come by, especially around the holidays. This year, their spread was a little bit more special, so she was very thankful for the gift.

The group finally went up to a man in a maroon shirt.
They offered to pay for the man’s groceries, but he refused. Even though Cassandra noticed that someone else might need it more, he told them that someone else might.

The only thing in the man’s cart was water. The team expected to see carts full of turkeys, vegetables, alcohol, and other treats on a day close to Thanksgiving. None of those were with this man.

The group was trying to help.
Again, they asked the man if they could buy him his Thanksgiving food. Victor Moss, the man, finally said yes, and Cassandra said, “Let’s go get you everything you need.”

They went and got his cart and pushed it through the store again. He told his story as they looked for other things he needed.

Victor is also a veteran.
He is one of those people who fought for their country but then had trouble afterward. He told the team that he was retired and couldn’t work anymore. That year, it was just going to be him and his fiancee for Thanksgiving.

The team knew they had found the right person to help them.
Victor couldn’t help but cry as he chose his turkey. He told the crew that he had seen things like this on TV, but that he never thought it would happen to him.

Now that he was, he and his fiancee could have the Thanksgiving meal they both deserved. This veteran got the break he needed with a warm hug and tears in his eyes. And we hope that from then on, they’ll only have the best Thanksgiving dinners.

Grab some tissues and watch the video below to see what these shoppers don’t expect to happen before Thanksgiving.

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Take a napkin to watch the touching video of a disabled veteran getting emotional by this…
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