A man receives his bag at the airport and finds all his clothes torn into pieces… Laugh or cry?

When a man got his bag back from vacation, his clothes were torn to pieces.

The last few months of traveling have, to say the least, been a mess.

When a lot of flights get canceled, bags get lost, and there aren’t enough people to work in an airport bar, it’s hard to surprise us.

Still, @karen nowland, a Twitter user, did just that when she wrote about how her husband’s clothes were ripped to pieces on the way from Manchester to Colombo.

The couple was flying with Etihad airlines, and Karen tweeted to the company: “Hey @etihad

Look what happened to my husband’s bag between Manchester and Colombo!! Why don’t you answer our tweets to @EtihadHelp? My husband looks like a pirate. Not the look he had in mind for a tropical vacation.”

Karen and her fellow Twitter users were both able to laugh about the whole thing. One of them said, “Some people pay a lot of money for that look.”

While someone else said: “I’m sorry this happened to you, but I really appreciate you taking and posting those photos. The pirate look is definitely going to be popular!!”
A third person said that the look was pretty trendy: “Zara will sell similar dresses for a lot of money.”

Someone else said, “It’s called fashion,” and to be fair, we wouldn’t be surprised to see the same thing at Fashion Week soon.

Another person said that the man reminded them of Tom Hanks in the movie Castaway: “Forget pirate; your husband looks like he’s lived on a deserted island,” and we have to agree.

But we guess the chaos is to be expected since Manchester Airport, like other airports in the UK, has been in a mess for the past few weeks.

Karen Smart quit his job as the managing director of Manchester Airport in April.

Reports said that piles of suitcases were left in terminals and that people on vacation left their bags at the airport and went home without them.
Councilman Pat Karney said that the problems were caused by the fact that management “totally underestimated” how long it would take for the airport to get better after the Covid pandemic.

“In February, two million people went through the airport. The year before, only 70,000 did, so you had to plan ahead,” he said.

“They should have known about all of this.

“They should have known that the healing would be fast.”

Still, it seems like airports everywhere are having trouble keeping up, and Karen Nowland’s bag seems to be the latest example.

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A man receives his bag at the airport and finds all his clothes torn into pieces… Laugh or cry?
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