Resignations are sad, but some people know how to make it sarcastic and funny…

Many people leave their professions throughout the course of their careers, but going-away parties are uncommon.

If they do, they may be overflowing with emotion or tinged with passive-aggressive humor (often from people who don’t want to be left behind).

Of course, the greatest way to be snarky is with cake if you’re going to be one. That’s what these 15 people did, and we couldn’t stop laughing at their farewell cakes.

1. A sad goodbye

This is a little too creative for us to believe that the people they worked with didn’t like them.

The cake’s unappetizing appearance is the only serious issue.

2. Unhappy cake

I am known as the office grouch, and today is my last day of employment. A going-away cake was baked for me.

3. Failed font

The cake was a wonderful touch, but it appears that the person who wanted to have a harsh remark written on it was too ashamed to do so.

And cake lettering is more difficult than it appears!

4. Oh, ok

I received this cake on my last day before quitting my employment.

5. Direct impact

That is a very precise-looking cake.

6. Tell us your true feelings.

Things might become a little passive-aggressive when your former employees leave for better places.

7. The flavor of sarcastic sugar is identical to that of conventional sugar.

And have a look at that lettering; it seems so tidy and well-kept that we would want to use it as a reference!

8. Are you still present?

That’s a joke, we’re sure, but it’s kind of a sour one.

9. A huge disappointment

10. He will at least be missed.



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Resignations are sad, but some people know how to make it sarcastic and funny…
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