People share their funny, awkward and memorable real life experiences with celebrities…

Most of us believe celebrities to be so distant and ideal that we even forget they are people just like us. If we come into contact with them, we will never forget it. When we were only recently watching them on the big screen or listening to their music on the radio, who would have ever imagined that we would run into them in a mall or café?

Here are some stories where fans got a glimpse of famous personalities off the big screen.


I recall seeing Keanu Reeves many years ago while strolling through New York City as a young, probably quite obnoxious pre-teen. I shouted, “Yo, Neo!” Then I obnoxiously imitated The Matrix’s bullet dodge motion. He smiled and made the same acknowledging motion as I did when he turned to face me.
It’s such a nice recollection because I think anyone would have had every right to become irritated and brush this foolish child off, but he was a good sport and made me laugh. Never will I forget it.


At the bookstore I worked at, a coworker spotted Robin Williams calmly turning the pages of a book. He had a beard at the time and was less easily recognized because it was during the production of Good Will Hunting. “I believe that’s Robin Williams,” she exclaimed. He raised his head from the book, grinned, and then said, “Shhhh, I know,” while putting his finger to his mouth.


In the early 2000s, Beyoncé and I rode in the same elevator. My dad, I, Beyoncé, and a bulky bodyguard were there. My dad complained about the man carrying all the luggage himself because he didn’t know who she was and thought they were a married pair. They exchanged awkward glances as she chuckled and he kind of giggled. My dad then said, “Wait, who is that?” as they exited the elevator and stepped right into a tour bus that had her face painted on the side.


I met Helena Bonham Carter at the American Girl Doll store in New York City in 2011. She was there with her daughter and mom. I asked for a picture, but she said no because it confuses her daughter. She was nice about it, though. Same with her mom.


Because I had high grades as a teenager, I was invited to a benefit where I first met Stephen Spielberg. In addition to having a very casual conversation with me, he introduced me to the CEO of the company at the table next to mine after I told him where I really wanted to work but hadn’t been able to get an interview. worked there for a further five years.


At the time, I had no idea who David Beckham was. The LA Galaxy played an exhibition game when I was staying at the Grand Hyatt in Hong Kong. Near the front entrance, there were numerous fan girls outside with posters. He enters the elevator as I am in it. He nods back at me after I nod at him. I query him regarding the cause of the disturbance outside. It must be a prominent person staying there, he shrugs. When we reach his floor, he waves goodbye to me and leaves.
When a coworker at work later informs me that Beckham is staying there, I immediately recognize the man from the elevator conversation when I look up his photo online.


I once left my house to go for a run and get a coffee. I started to identify the person in line ahead of me as I waited at a crosswalk. Excuse me, I don’t know if you’re aware of it, but you’re John Malkovich, I remarked. John then extended his hand, shook my hand, and remarked, “Indeed, I am.” He was a gracious man.


Outside a Planet Fitness in Brooklyn, I met Adam Sandler. It appeared like he was entering as I was leaving. I paused and held the door for him after making eye contact with him. As soon as he reached the door, he stopped in one of those phony freeze postures that young children adopt when instructed to do so. Holding the door, I stood there perplexed. We were still there for around five seconds. Finally, he turned his head and uttered, in a voice that was eerily reminiscent of Adam Sandler, “Ahh, who are we kidding? That’s not where I’m going! was grinning ear to ear. He continued along the street after we both laughed.


When The Rock was still a wrestler, my mother and sister got to meet him. They had a few car seats and a ton of bags, and people were waiting. When this huge guy offered to carry some of their luggage, they gratefully accepted his assistance. He grabbed several bags and held the baby carrier with my niece inside, assisted them in exiting the aircraft, and then he went. They were really perplexed until someone clarified who The Rock was when people began approaching them and asking how they knew him.


Daniel Radcliffe apologized excessively to me when I accidentally spilled some of his dessert on him while serving him at an event. He got to his feet and apologized to me again. was really kind and enquired as to my well-being.


I worked as Tom Cruise’s server. I must say, pretty cool guy. was a little behind the times, but that was to be anticipated. The amusing aspect was that he needed to phone his dietitian since he wasn’t sure what he could eat from our menu. obtained fried chicken in the end.


At a party my parents attended when I was around 11, Jim Carrey was there. I kept looking at him nonstop. He was acting so normally until he discovered that I was staring at him, at which point he made a mask-like facial expression and began staring at me.


At a pub, Zac Efron and I met. We merely started talking when we were adjacent to one another. He inquired as to my job, and I reciprocated. He claimed to be an actor who was a leading man in High School Musical. I remarked that I had heard about it but hadn’t seen it. When my then-boyfriend (now husband) noticed us, he approached and wrapped his arm around me to let me know he was interested. My spouse still enjoys recounting the incident in which Zac Efron tried to seduce his wife. He wasn’t hitting on me, in my opinion; he was just conversing and being pleasant.

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People share their funny, awkward and memorable real life experiences with celebrities…
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