People are concerned about security tag on food and the reason is more confusing…

Customers have expressed their horror over the discovery of security tags on different everyday food items in UK supermarkets on social media.

You’d think you could breeze through the self-scanner at your neighborhood store when you stop by to pick up some butter, poultry, or cheese and leave in under five minutes.

But after discovering certain commonplace goods with security labels and tags, Brits were left perplexed.

Shoppers from Asda, Aldi, and Co-op have shared photographs of products like cheese, butter, chicken, and lamb chops on Twitter.

Customers have complained that the products appear to have orange security-protected stickers on them or even a security tag fastened tightly on top.

“England in 2022 Butter from Lurpak costs £6 a tub and even has a security sticker. Mental! “a user stated.

One more wrote: “The local Aldi and Coop have started security tagging food if you think Lurpak is bad. A parcel of lamb chops also had a GPS-protected tag that read: #ThisMorning #CostOfLivingCrisis.”

On social media, other Britons have flocked to share their comparable grocery experiences from all over the nation.

One person uploaded a picture of some Tesco chicken thigh fillets that were skinless and boneless. “An accusation against the UK in the wake of #BorisJohnson’s #ToryCostOfLivingCrisis. Foods like this are now being securely tagged at my neighborhood grocery. #BrexitReality, “Reads the caption.

A different client uploaded a photo of their coffee. “There is a genuine #CostOfLivingCrisis. Everyday things are now being security tagged at my neighborhood store, probably as a result of the drastic price hike. This is instant coffee, not chateauneuf du pape! “they claimed.

A third shopper expressed their surprise at being back in the stores after a vacation. “Fortunately for me, I rarely visit Tesco, but today I did since I had just returned from vacation. How long have we been labeling meat with security tags? “Tweets were made.

Despite the fact that many customers associate security tagging with the rising cost of living, a Co-op representative told LADbible that such precautions have actually been in place for “many years to deter crime.”

According to the spokesman, “Co-op has been testing new packaging on a small scale for higher value items like meat for several years, with the added security acting as a further deterrent if a store nearby encounters concerns with stealing.

The action was a part of the Safer Colleagues campaign, which was successful in enacting harsher punishments for violent occurrences involving shop workers.

ASDA opted not to respond.

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People are concerned about security tag on food and the reason is more confusing…
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