A company director is claimed to be “The Best Boss Ever”, and you will agree with that by reading what she did…

Many people might think that your boss is wonderful if they bring in a package of cookies for the office or, even better, if they let you leave an hour early on a Friday, but a group of Australian employees have it far, far better because they were flown to Bali on an all-expenses paid trip.

The gorgeous Indonesian island was the destination for a two-week working vacation for the staff of Sydney-based marketing agency Soup Agency. This was their first trip together as a team, and it seemed like a good one.

Employees could be seen working by the pool, practicing yoga, quad biking, going on morning hikes together, and eating and drinking together in a video posted on the company’s Instagram account.

The caption read, “A wrap up of Bali – first working holiday as a team.”

A footage of a staff member named Michelle blowing out candles on a cake while everyone sat by the pool to celebrate her 24th birthday was shown at one point.

The trip in May, according to Katya Vakulenko, managing director of Soup, was the best team-building activity at the company since its founding. She made the decision to transport colleagues abroad after the epidemic made her realize that employees could work anywhere.

“I believe it’s critical for workplaces to collaborate as a team, both during and after working hours,” she stated.

“We learned from COVID-19 that there are new methods to work and that, in essence, we can work from anywhere.”

“So we made the decision to aggressively advance that.”

One hour north of Denpasar, at Ubud, the crew was transported.

Staff members enjoyed oysters and cocktails at their idyllic temporary home while also participating in team-building activities like quad riding, snorkeling, and swimming throughout the course of the fortnight.

Digital Marketing Executive Kumi Ho claimed that despite the obvious distractions, the team managed to remain productive during the remarkable trip.

“Having the entire agency cooperate, engage, and work together was refreshing,” according to Ho.

“It was unquestionably a life experience that I won’t soon forget.”

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A company director is claimed to be “The Best Boss Ever”, and you will agree with that by reading what she did…
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