More details about Lionel Richie’s adoption story will give you a whole another insight about parenthood…

Each person’s family history is so distinctive that it may be compared to their fingerprint. And although while they are frequently only disclosed to their closest friends and family, it can be challenging for celebrities to retain these secrets when they become well-known. On the other hand, some people prefer to share them in order to motivate those who are going through comparable circumstances.

Nicole Richie and her father, Lionel Richie, made the decision to share their family’s story as soon as Nicole’s adoption led to the development of a very unique father-daughter bond.

Over the course of more than 50 years, actor and singer Lionel Richie has built a thriving career that includes international songs like “Endless Love” and “All Night Long.” But parenting has been the source of some of Lionel’s sweetest rewards throughout his life. Nicole, Miles, and Sofia are his three children as of right now. Nicole was the first to get home, and she did so in a unique situation.

At a Prince concert, Nicole and Lionel first connected. She was playing the tambourine on stage with the other performers in the concert at the age of just two. Richie was moved by the young girl’s presence and much more so when he later met her backstage after the show. When Lionel ran into her again a few weeks later while visiting some musician friends, he discovered that she was going through some difficult circumstances.

Little Nicole’s original parents, musician Peter Michael Escovedo and Karen Moss, who worked as Sheila E’s drummer for Prince, had already split and were frequently on the road performing music.

Additionally, her mother, who had been raising her up until that moment, was unable to provide for her financially. According to Sheila E in an interview, “If Nicole stayed there, Karen might make enough for her future without having to interfere with her daughter’s life.” Therefore, Nicole’s biological family accepted Lionel and Brenda Harvey’s offer to let her stay in their house while they addressed their differences.

As time passed, what had first been temporary eventually prompted the Richies to make a permanent choice: they legally adopted the young girl, and she also assumed their last name. In this way, Lionel’s fatherhood journey began. He later admitted to his own daughter that she had changed everything for him since she had touched his heart at a time when his only concern was his job.

Nicole remained to rely on her father despite Brenda and Lionel’s divorce a while after Nicole was adopted since Lionel had promised Nicole when he decided to adopt her, “I would never abandon you.”

Nicole not only had a father who loved her without conditions, but she also got two siblings after a while. When Lionel remarried to dancer Diane Alexander, they brought their son Miles into the world, and later their daughter, Sofia. The three siblings have always gotten along well and are frequently pictured spending time together, along with their father, who considers being a father to be “the best job he’s ever had.”

Even now, after welcoming two grandkids from his first daughter, Lionel says he thinks Nicole “was a lifesaver. She was a little child in need of a chance. I would respond, “I’m not going away,” as she gazed at me.

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More details about Lionel Richie’s adoption story will give you a whole another insight about parenthood…
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