Are beauty standards changing? A young lady shares about her experience after not removing facial hair for a year…

Young woman from Copenhagen named Eldina made the decision to give up shaving her facial hair. She has made a name for herself by sharing pictures of her voyage on social media. She has done this while also empowering people to feel more self-assured and stay true to who they are rather than attempting to please others.

Eldina’s tale might be incredibly motivating for all of us, thus we made the decision to contact her for an interview. Here is what we discovered.

Nothing happened overnight; it took time.

Eldina didn’t make the decision to quit shaving her face in a flash of inspiration. It happened gradually:

“I wouldn’t say it happened overnight, but I started getting upset with having to shave my legs for no obvious reason. Why should I have to shave when I see males going outside without doing so? I understood that I could make much better use of my time. Although I’m not opposed to shaving or hair removal, I find it annoying when women are expected to do it often.

Eldina and other women who have talked to her feel that the standards for men and women in our society are different. Eldina writes: “A number of women have written me and informed me that they also feel pressure to remove all of their body hair, even though they don’t want to. However, they experience social pressure to do so or have experienced bullying as a result of having body hair.

Many ladies have written to me to express their feelings about feeling like the lone female with facial hair or with noticeable body hair. When in fact there are a great number and it is not unusual for women to have body hair. Maybe 100 guys have sent me unpleasant messages, and maybe 4 or 5 women.

In terms of my uniqueness, I have attracted a lot of attention for, basically, doing nothing. It’s extremely odd when you think about it because a male wouldn’t go viral for having thick brows, so why would I?

What other people think of you is not as essential as who you are.

There will always be people that appreciate you for who you are, so it’s vital to stay loyal to yourself: “I suppose my advice would be, that if people don’t like you, you can always find new friends. There are always other communities out there that will value and accept your ideas and sentiments. Furthermore, are you truly trying to pass for someone you’re not?

You might not want to adhere to the modern-day beauty standards, and that’s good. Eldina asserts: “I think that the beauty criteria are really arbitrary. They are always evolving. Even something that is crucial right now might not matter at all in ten years. Therefore, I fail to see why there is such a need that people, particularly women, conform to these ideals.

Eldina concluded by sharing some motivational quotes that will cause anyone to pause and consider their own lives: “I believe it’s wise to consider your motivations for action on a regular basis. And are you doing it out of fear or because that’s what you want?

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Are beauty standards changing? A young lady shares about her experience after not removing facial hair for a year…
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