A bus driver had to discipline passengers after they refused to move for a man in a wheelchair… Guess what he did!

Some people believed the driver would be fired as a result of what he did, yet the business fully supported him.
One of the largest challenges for people with disabilities is transportation.
Large medical devices like wheelchairs are sometimes difficult to move in cars, and accessible curbs, crosswalks, and sidewalks are frequently absent from city roadways.

In fact, three surveys performed by the National Organization on Disability over the previous 20 years identified transportation as a major issue. In the most recent survey, more than half of participants rated poor transportation as a “serious issue,” while almost a third of respondents cited it as a major worry.

And although it was designed to be accessible for everyone, those with disabilities can attest that this isn’t always the case.

Riding the bus might be difficult for those with impairments.

Wheelchair users often encounter cars blocking bus stops and blocking their access to the bus. Frequently, bus drivers are unsure about how to use the wheelchair lift. And when they eventually get through, they often struggle with leaving the priority sitting area.

Many people may be rude to people with disabilities, but one bus driver in Paris is making waves for the way he put his passengers in their place.

At a bus stop in the 17th district of Paris, French citizen François Le Berre was trying to board a bus.

Le Berre tried to board the bus when it eventually came, but no one would make way for him.

Le Berre patiently waited for somebody to move so he could board, but no one did.
The guy in the wheelchair pondered waiting for the next bus along the route after seeing no change. But when the bus driver saw what was happening, he made the decision to correct the disrespectful passengers.

Le Berre posted on Facebook:

“I laughed yesterday while waiting for the bus in Paris since no one else wanted to (make room). The driver exclaimed, “Everyone get out!” As soon as he approached me, the driver said, “You may get on, and the others should wait for the next! ”

The bus driver then ordered all angry passengers to leave.

Oh, but the vehicle didn’t simply stand still there. The other passengers were then instructed to wait until the next bus while he allowed Le Berre inside. As you would expect, the other travelers weren’t very thrilled.

However, the actions of the driver meant a great deal to Le Berre.
Since he posted the story on Facebook, it has been getting a lot of attention and is quickly spreading.

People from all around the globe are sending their best wishes and praise to Le Berre while also complimenting the bus driver.

Even French President Emmanuel Macron was asked to recognize the bus driver’s service by others.
After the incident, a representative from RATP, the company that operates the public transport system, made a request to the general public through their official Twitter account for help in identifying the driver, stating that they wanted to thank the driver for his efforts.

Despite the fact that some people believed that the notice made by RATP was a trick to identify the driver in order to fire him, the agency provided a response on Twitter, noting that “An agent does not be fired while working on behalf of passengers.”

Another bus driver made headlines earlier this year for an act of kindness that was completely out of the blue.

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A bus driver had to discipline passengers after they refused to move for a man in a wheelchair… Guess what he did!
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