After 50 years apart, a couple marries and tries to find the daughter they lost when they were teens… Watch the video to learn more about this amazing story…

They say that love will always find a way, and I believe that to be true.
One family that had been unjustly separated was eventually brought back together thanks to an ageless love story that was adapted for the big screen. For 50 years, when they were finally given the opportunity to revive what they once had, Dennis Vinar and Karen Lehmann made the decision to go after what their hearts most deeply craved.

It was a chance encounter between a well-known athlete at the school and a modest member of the band. Lehmann was a clarinet player, whilst Vinnar participated in the school’s football team.

Vinnar had always found a way to be with the girl he loved, even when they were in other realms and had to travel between them.

He confessed that he had skipped or arrived late to a significant number of football sessions, but he said that he had never placed a significant amount of importance on any of them. All he knew was that he enjoyed hanging out with Lehmann, and one of the ways he did so was by walking her home whenever he had the opportunity.

Sadly, not everyone was excited about their blossoming love affair. Lehmann’s father did not like Vinnar. When their love resulted in pregnancy at the age of barely 15, things became more difficult.

Despite Vinnar’s desire, Lehmann’s parents forbade him from marrying her and starting a family.

Lehmann performed well academically. She was valedictorian and had aspirations of attending college. She was sent to an unwed mothers’ shelter to further this. Vinnar was the first to see the healthy baby girl that she had given birth to.

During their appearance on the talk show hosted by Steve Harvey, she said that when she phoned Vinnar and asked him whether he wanted to sign the birth certificate and hold his baby, Vinnar immediately responded with a yes without any hesitation.

They would not see their daughter again after that brief meeting.

That was the turning point in their lives. Vinnar joined in the military while Lehmann continued her education. Vinnar’s father constantly snooping on their conversations and mails, despite the fact that she wanted to communicate with Lehmann. They were forced to let go of their former love as a result of the circumstances.

However, they didn’t.
Vinnar said that when working for a senator, he discovered that Lehmann resided in the region where he was employed at the time. He described to the host and the audience how he knocked on every door in the immediate area in the hope that Lehmann would answer. He was overcome with emotion as he spoke. The quest was unsuccessful.

Love, however, always finds a way.
with a love like theirs, in particular. When Vinnar accepted a friend’s invitation to join him on the professional networking website Linked In, their reunion would finally happen.

Vinnar told WUSA9, “I put in ‘Karen Lehmann’ and there she was—the third person down.” And I exclaimed, “That’s my girl,” while slapping my hands together.

Lehmann and Vinnar had both been widowed for a long time, so he finally received a “yes” to the proposal he had been pleading for.

Watch how this couple had a very amazing moment when they were reunited with each other and their long-lost daughter.

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After 50 years apart, a couple marries and tries to find the daughter they lost when they were teens… Watch the video to learn more about this amazing story…
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