Donnie Wahlberg adopted the role of “dad” for his stepson who has autism after his father abandoned him… The best love story with happy ending…

Donnie Wahlberg was given a second chance in love as well as in life. And from what I can understand, it seems like he’s doing a pretty fantastic job with it! He is really fortunate to have a supportive and loving wife and children who love him.

His life has been marked by many highs and lows, all of which have contributed to the circumstances he finds himself in at the moment.

It is possible that you have heard of Donnie Wahlberg before since he is related to Mark Wahlberg, who is widely regarded as one of the best actors in Hollywood. However, his brother is not the only actor in the family; Donnie has also carved out a great career for himself in the profession, both as an actor and as a musician.

In terms of his personal life, Donnie has had a few painful disappointments. After five years of being friends, he eventually proposed marriage to Kim Fey. Despite the best efforts, the marriage could not survive. In 2008, both parties involved filed for divorce, claiming irreconcilable differences as the cause for the divorce.

Xavier and Elijah are the names of the couple’s two children that were born from their union. Their mother has primary custody of them, although Donnie Wahlberg is allowed to have visiting privileges. According to all reports, the couple has mastered the art of co-parenting their children and is on excellent terms with each other, which has contributed to their good relationship.

Donnie hadn’t found anybody to share his life with until he met Jenny McCarthy, an actress and television personality. It took the couple a long time and a lot of heartbreak before they finally found each other and were married after being together for more than eight years.

Jenny had been married to the director John Asher before she wed Donnie. Donnie was her second husband. In 1999, while filming “Diamonds,” she first became acquainted with the film’s director, and the following year, the couple tied the knot. Soon after they tied the knot, they became parents to a boy named Evan.

They had been married for six years when, in 2005, Jenny McCarthy filed for divorce, claiming irreconcilable differences as the reason for her decision. In her book titled “Louder than Words: A Mother’s Journey in Healing Autism,” Jenny describes the difficulties that she had in her marriage.

That same year, 2005, her son was examined and given a diagnosis of autism. Even though it took her by surprise, she was unfazed by the diagnosis and did not experience any change in how she felt about her kid in any way.

She did not let the news of his diagnosis to bother her in any way, and instead maintained her career while putting her primary attention on her son by bringing him to doctors and programs offered at UCLA.

She is honest about the fact that the news that her kid had a medical condition affected her relationship with her spouse. In an interview, they were quoted as saying, “John was beginning to grow furious with me because he felt ignored.” The only thing I wanted to see in my head was Evan being able to say, “I love you, mom.” That was the only fantasy I wanted to have. It didn’t matter to me if I never had romantic nights with my husband again,” she said.

The couple came to the conclusion that Asher should be the one to leave the house the family had shared. During that time, the actress lived there with her kid and was responsible for his care as well as the payment of his medical bills.

But not long after that, she crossed paths with the legendary comedian Jim Carrey and fell head over heels in love with him. Carrey had a strong bond with her son and had a tremendous amount of affection for Jenny. On Valentine’s Day, the famous actor surprised his partner by hiring a helicopter to show an affectionate message for her.

The audience adored the two of them and they had a lot of support. As a result, when the couple announced in 2010 that they were ending their relationship, fans were understandably devastated. McCarthy has said in a public statement that the relationship stopped to be enjoyable over time, which ultimately led to its end.

Donnie Wahlberg and Jennie McCarthy hit it off right away and had a lot in common. They both got married for the first time in 1999 and had kids with their ex-partners.

Donnie first met Jenny in 2012, and he fell head over heels in love with her right away. But he didn’t decide to make a move and ask the actress out until a year later, when he saw her on the “Jenny McCarthy Show.”

The actor chose to propose to his fiancée after they had been together for a few years. He included Evan, Jenny’s autistic son, in the proposal, demonstrating the strong relationship the two had.

“This weekend I was talking with Donnie… and he walked into the other room and out came Evan with a card that read ‘Will,’ and he presented it to me,” she recalled the proposal in an interview.

“Then Evan rushed away, then Evan came in with a card that read ‘You,'” she said. “I simply began bawling, and Evan returned with the word “marry,” but it was misspelled.

She shouted “YES!” aloud at that point after realizing it was a proposal. The three enjoyed a touching moment with one another after Evan joked, “I have another dad,” at this point.

At the St. Charles, Ill., in Chicago, the pair got married. Evan participated in all aspects of the wedding festivities, including walking his mother down the aisle. Donnie adopted Evan as his own once they were married.

The marriage vows of the couple are renewed on an annual basis. They believe that this helps them maintain the passion that first drew them together as a couple.

Evan and Donnie have a wonderful relationship with each other. In the year 2019, Donnie surprised his wife with the best Christmas gift in the history of the holiday. She said, “Early on, Donnie gave me one of the greatest presents ever, which was…that he was taking care of Evan’s college tuition.”

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Donnie Wahlberg adopted the role of “dad” for his stepson who has autism after his father abandoned him… The best love story with happy ending…
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