VIDEO: During the wedding vows, the groom’s mom  lashes out at the bride because she says she loves the groom despite his flaws… Tap below to see how…

On the day of a wedding, if there is one thing that guests should be prepared for more than anything else, it is drama. No matter how picture-perfect a day you imagined it to be in your head, something is certain to go wrong at a wedding. It’s just a fact of life.

Consider yourself fortunate if you were able to get through the ceremony of your wedding without any awkward interactions occurring amongst members of your family. The day of a wedding is meant to be a celebration of the couple’s love for each other, yet hatred and bitterness are sometimes hidden under the surface.

On the big day, many of us will be able to smooth over any family drama, and visitors will, for the most part, avoid making snarky comments to each other. One couple, however, had their wedding vows rudely interrupted by the bride’s mother-in-law during the ceremony, which took place in San Jose, California. The mother-in-law of the bride was unable to keep her lips shut throughout the event.

The video shows the bride and groom standing at the altar as the bride says the vows that she had previously written down.

After she is done, she tells her soon-to-be husband that she likes all of his quirks, and then she folds up her paper while smiling affectionately at him.
It is at this point in the ceremony that things begin to go off track, and we hear the groom’s mother yell at the bride.

“You’re not going to tell me that my kid has any flaws, are you?”

The response to this comment is uncomfortable laughter, but it quickly grows into something more significant. Someone informs the mother-in-law that she has to go, and she yells, “I’m not leaving!”

“No! I don’t need to go! We covered the cost of this dress that you are wearing!

It should come as no surprise that the mother-in-law and the bride are engaged in some kind of conversation behind the scenes here. But making a scene on the day when the couple’s lives are meant to be the greatest day of their lives is not a nice thing to do, regardless of what the issue is.

Even though everyone else is trying to silence the mother-in-law and telling her to relax, the bride is still able to maintain her composure. She says,

“There is no way that you can ruin my day. The fact that he isn’t perfect is one of the reasons I love him.

The mother in law gives her response by saying
“Like you don’t have any flaws.”

After hearing the rude comment, the bride decides that she has had enough and walks away. She makes her way to the front of the room and tells her future mother-in-law to leave the wedding, all while the groom looks on helplessly. Someone goes up to advise the mother-in-law to leave, and the she responds that she has no plans to leave. The woman responds angrily: “I’m not getting out. If you even try it, I will have you arrested.”

We have high hopes that this will be the last time the couple has to deal with any drama with the mother-in-law; nevertheless, we have a feeling that this was only the beginning of their future life together.

In the next video, you may see for yourself the horrifying footage that was captured.

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VIDEO: During the wedding vows, the groom’s mom  lashes out at the bride because she says she loves the groom despite his flaws… Tap below to see how…
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