VIDEO: The sweet and hilarious conversation that takes place between the baby girl and her father is just adorable…

She has made a name for herself on TikTok. Eryn is still developing her speech but despite her age and inability to properly communicate, she has the personality of a fully developed teenage girl and enjoys displaying it.

Eryn Fitzgerald, who is one year old and lives in Boston, Massachusetts, is adored by her doting parents, Shannon and Martin Fitzgerald. Because Eryn has such a huge personality, they are going to have their hands full dealing with her. She is already dancing at every chance and chattering with real passion in her “words” despite the fact that she is just one year old. When she finally has something to say, she will make sure that everyone is listening to her stories and paying attention to what she has to say.

Even though Eryn is still working on getting her words right, she has her hand signals pretty well down down. In order to convey her point, she rambles on with a lot of excitement and makes a lot of hand gestures.

Martin, Eryn’s father, is paying careful attention to his daughter’s fascinating storyline as it unfolds. Because he was gone at work the whole day, Eryn has to fill him in on everything that went on during his absence. He encourages her to continue recounting the events of the day by encouraging her along. He is soaking up every word that his gorgeous daughter has to say, and she is well aware that her father is a captive listener for whatever she has to say. This little kid already has her father completely swayed in her favor.

What is going to it be like when she is finally able to talk in whole sentences?

Although the events of Eryn’s day may not be completely comprehended, they do entail a wide spectrum of feelings.

Within the space of a few words, she may go from speaking in a very serious manner to doing so with a wide grin on her face. There are sometimes moments that appear to be filled with disbelief. It seems like Eryn is having a hard time believing the narrative she is telling at points; that day must have been quite the rollercoaster! Even though Eryn is only one year old, she already has an impressive ability to tell a good story. When you consider how young of a storyteller she is, the tone of her voice is just remarkable.

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VIDEO: The sweet and hilarious conversation that takes place between the baby girl and her father is just adorable…