A cappella version of one of the greatest songs performed by six beautiful sisters touches millions of hearts… Video below…

Although we are too far away from Christmas season, but Christmas songs and music can calm us even out of the Season.
Cimorelli is a music band that consists entirely of sisters and has been compared to a choir of angels. They have just in time for the Christmas season produced a stunning rendition of the song “Mary Did You Know,” which is causing the internet to be lit up with excitement.

Be prepared to be calmed by the voices of Cimorelli, as well as the a cappella manner they perform in, if you haven’t heard them before. These two sisters are demonstrating to the world that their family has a long history of musical talent.

One of the many aspects of Christmas that contribute to a sense of joy and contentment inside us is the music that is played throughout this season. Traditional Christmas carols may be heard wherever you go, but due to the internet, we now have the opportunity to listen to contemporary arrangements of these songs.

The song “Mary Did You Know” has become a traditional favorite during the Christmas season in many homes, and it has been performed by a wide range of singers. The interpretation offered by Cimorelli has a heavenly quality to it, as if it were sent down from on high.

The members of the band are all sisters, and their ages range from 19 to 29, and they all presently call Nashville, Tennessee, home. They were raised in Northern California, by their pianist mother, who instilled in them a love for music and taught them how to play the piano and how to sing (they actually have five brothers too).

Cimorelli began tiny, but once one of their videos went popular on YouTube, the path to fame opened. They kept working on their songs and ultimately signed with a record company.
Since then, they’ve grown into a popular group that communicates great messages to its fans, all while remaining true to their Catholic faith. Christina, Katherine, Lisa, Amy, Lauren, and Dani are the members of the group, and they are now in charge of their own business.

They’ve published renditions of famous songs, such as Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect,” as well as their own original music throughout the years. Cimorelli’s exquisite tone, unsurprisingly, goes nicely with Christmas music.

They’ve performed “Silent Night,” “Carol of the Bells,” and “Oh Holy Night,” among other classics.

Cimorelli’s cover of “Mary Did You Know” has received over 2 million views (and counting) on their YouTube channel, which has more than five million followers.
The video is set in the woods, and the six sisters are arranged in a row. They demonstrate their extraordinary ability to harmonize together right away, creating a chilling tone.

Prepare to get touched by the rendition of “Mary Did You Know” performed in an a cappella manner. It’s no surprise that Cimorelli’s music is winning people over all over the world!

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A cappella version of one of the greatest songs performed by six beautiful sisters touches millions of hearts… Video below…
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