In the funny video below Keanu Reeves explains the reason of sad Keanu memes phenomenon…

It doesn’t matter if something is true or not once it has become a meme. It’s shared and repurposed a million times until the original meaning, or the actual object it’s describing, is lost to obscurity. Sure, you can look up the genesis story for the blinking person, the woman on her knees, or “Damn Daniel!” on Google, but by then it’s too late.

It is, nonetheless, occasionally entertaining to learn the backstory. Especially when a well-known meme features a well-known and well-liked public figure. Keanu Reeves, who will star in Matrix: Resurrections later this month, is well-known and well-liked. In a previous visit to the show, he responded to a question about grief with a beautiful message about the people we leave behind, which only added to his public image as a down-to-earth celebrity.

He responded to a question about the Sad Keanu meme earlier this week. The meme depicts Keanu on a bench, holding a piece of food in his hand and looking despondent for no apparent reason. The reason turned out to be simple hunger. When the meme was replicated in Reeves’ new comic book, Colbert questioned him about what was going on at the time the original shot was taken.

He explained, “Man, I’m just eating a sandwich!”

“So, you’re not genuinely sad in ‘Sad Keanu,’?” Colbert continued.

Keanu said, “I was thinking.” “I was dealing with some issues.” “I was starving.”

Watch the complete interview, in which Reeves says he’d want to play John Constantine again. DC, please! You’d better get him before the MCU does!

Watch the video below for more details:

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In the funny video below Keanu Reeves explains the reason of sad Keanu memes phenomenon…
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