The story of a stepdad “proposing” the little girl in the most beautiful way has inspired a lot of people…

You’ve certainly seen hundreds of beautiful and heartfelt proposals on social media, and they just keep getting more innovative. You always encounter a girl who is naive to the fact that she is about to be surprised by her significant other, which usually ends with the girl delivering a sweet yes and tears of delight.

However, when compared to other proposals, one that went viral did not have the typical set-up. Tim Bobbit got down on his knees to propose to Kylee, his wife’s daughter, to become her new father!

Despite not being blood relatives, Tim and Kylee developed the kind of bond that only a father-daughter relationship can provide. Tim was greeted with outstretched arms by the middle schooler, who looked at him as if he were her biological father. Kylee’s strongest supporter is Tim. Kylee’s cheering and dance competitions were regularly attended to him.

Tim has become one of Kylee’s closest friends, and they spend their free time together playing video games. Kylee read a letter at the altar, asking Tim to adopt her, during his wedding to Annie. Tim did not waste any time in putting in all of the effort required to grant Kylee’s dream.

Tim had to wait several months for the legal papers to be completed. Tim was eventually able to complete everything, and now all that’s left is to tell Kylee the wonderful news: she’ll be Tim’s daughter for the rest of her life. Tim and Annie decided that surprising Kylee would be a terrific idea. They organized a phony picture shoot so Tim may pop the question when Kylee is least expecting it.

Finally, the moment of truth arrived, and Tim knelt to say his piece before asking the big question. “I adore going to all of your cheer and dance competitions,” Tim stated.

“I like watching you blossom into the lovely young person you are.” When you’re hurt or terrified, I adore being the one you turn to. When we walk around the store or you’re afraid to ride the roller coaster, I enjoy holding your hand.”

“But most importantly, Kylee,” he added. “I hope to be able to lead you down the aisle when you get married one day because that’s what fathers do.” I can say that because today is the day I get to adopt you in front of all of our family and friends.”

The eighth-grader couldn’t hold back her tears as she hugged her new father. The three went to the courtroom to finish up the last details of Kylee’s adoption, such as paperwork. Tim, Annie, and Kylee left the courthouse as one family recognized by the law before the day was done.

Tim made a moving film homage to his path toward adopting his middle schooler daughter, which he shared on YouTube. It has now had over 6 million views, and the responses have been heartfelt.

“Had to wipe my tears away, lovely story, and she is a stunning young lady.” Thank you for taking the time to tell us about your experience. Because my wife and I are trying to adopt a child, this tale was very emotional and wonderful.” In the comments section, someone said.

Watch the video below to discover more about Tim and Kylee’s adoption story:

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The story of a stepdad “proposing” the little girl in the most beautiful way has inspired a lot of people…
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