When the big guy declared he could swing dance till the music started, everyone laughed… See how he surprises everyone in the video below…

This is why you should never judge a book only on the basis of its cover.

When the audience of a dancing competition encountered John Lindo, a big guy with an equally huge talent that they never expected to see from him, they understood precisely how they felt.

People would probably conclude that a man as tall and large as John Lindo isn’t a terrific dancer. His “body type” isn’t typical of a dancer, and the crowd at a Champions Jack and Jill dancing competition was skeptical that he could even perform a swing dance piece, let alone take first place in the competition.

The audience had no idea they were in for a huge surprise.

John Lindo is a seasoned and gifted dancer who hides behind his large bulk and lofty stature. He’s been dancing for almost two decades and is a well-known character on the West Coast Swing Circuit. He’s established quite a reputation! However, in front of an unfamiliar audience, he may appear to be an ordinary guy who is unlikely to be a skilled dancer.

People sometimes assume that because he is a huge guy, he can’t dance because he doesn’t appear like a dancer “should.” People are usually surprised when they see how graceful and talented this man is when he takes over the dance floor. He is unquestionably a formidable opponent!

John Lindo was caught on camera dancing against Deborah Szekely in a YouTube video. They competed in a Champions Jack and Jill competition and performed an excellent swing dance routine. Lindo is primarily known for his West Coast Swing style, and the dance duo used techniques from his style.

Their movements are simple, flowing, sleek, and absolutely beautiful! When the dancers, particularly Lindo, zoned in and really displayed what he’s got, the audience couldn’t help but go crazy.

With his outstanding dance moves, footwork, and exquisite dancing style, the huge guy who seemed like he couldn’t dance left them dumbfounded. He was entirely at ease with his dancing partner, who danced in perfect unison with the gifted man. Their performance was incredible, and Lindo was nothing short of a show-stopper!

What did they expect from a seasoned dance champion, after all? He commanded the stage and received thunderous applause from the audience, who were pleasantly astonished by this guy’s incredible dance abilities.

John Lindo has dominated the dance world for years, winning the Grand Nationals, the U.S. Open, and the Phoenix Champion of Champions finals. He’s not your typical dancer! This large person is unquestionably a true champion, regardless of his size, as shown by Champions Jack and Jill. He and Szekely came in first place!

When he’s not busy nailing routines on the dance floor, John Lindo is also busy promoting the art. As a judge, he instructs dance and grace competitions. He’s a legend, and his work is recognized all around the world.

You will get amazed by the video below:

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When the big guy declared he could swing dance till the music started, everyone laughed… See how he surprises everyone in the video below…
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