Till the last bark: Watch the cutest marriage ceremony of the inseparable shelter dogs below…

In a charming ceremony, two inseparable shelter pups married in their own custom-created little chapel, complete with a bubble machine.

Peanut, nine, and Cashew, three, wedded last Wednesday at the San Antonio Humane Society (SAHS) in Bexar County, Texas.
Both Chihuahuas were surrendered to SAHS by their families in April 2022 because they could no longer be cared for.

After their respective dental procedures, the two met in the SAHS medical building and quickly connected.

Staff decided to hold the ceremony after witnessing their blossoming bond. They hoped to find Peanut and Cashew their everlasting homes.

The dogs were dressed to the nines for the occasion, which included a red carpet surrounded by dog-shaped hedges.

Lucia Almanza, a Public Relations Associate at SAHS, said, “The ceremony aimed to commemorate their love and recovery journey.” “Staff, volunteers, and our closest friends were present for their tiny, personal wedding day. “Of course, there was a magnificent stroll down the aisle, bubbles, music, and cake!”

For the occasion, a miniature wedding chapel was also constructed.

“We had some volunteers build Peanut and Cashew a couple of days prior,” she explained. “In their own time, they have their own chapel, equipped with a bubble machine for the dogs’ entertainment.”

Peanut and Chestnut are both eligible for adoption at the SAHS, but staff hopes they get to enjoy their honeymoon together indefinitely, according to Lucia. The San Antonio Humane Society was created in 1952 as a non-profit, no-kill organization.

Thousands of dogs and cats are sheltered, medically treated, and rehabilitated by SAHS every year until they are adopted.

Watch their cutest ceremony below:

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Till the last bark: Watch the cutest marriage ceremony of the inseparable shelter dogs below…
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