Police dragged a 93-year-old woman out of a senior citizens’ home, arrested her, and handcuffed her later…

When a 93-year-old woman was dragged out of an assisted living home by cops, she grabbed mass media attention after footage of her arrest went viral. Shortly afterward, a curious news channel investigator met her in jail and was shocked after seeing her.

For many older Americans, the senior home arrangement is a fantastic way to help them live independently. Who wouldn’t want to spend the remainder of their lives in a close-knit senior community with like-minded people?

That’s what anyone would think after meeting Juanita Fitzgerald, a 93-year-old senior home resident in Eustis, Florida. But who could have predicted that just days before her 94th birthday, the cops would arrest her and throw her into a nightmare? She yelled and kicked, pleading with them to let her go, but no one listened.

Since April 2011, Juanita Fitzgerald had been a resident of Franklin House in Florida. When the sad incident occurred in December 2017, she had been living a quiet, independent life away from her family for nearly six years.

Fitzgerald’s caregivers informed her that she would no longer be able to stay in the institution that day. The woman had previously complained about mold in her flat, according to the narrative. However, nothing was discovered when her flat was investigated by the facility.

Fitzgerald reportedly refused to pay her rent for three months after the incident, expecting she would die soon. After they asked her to gather her possessions and depart, her relationship with the facility deteriorated. When Fitzgerald continued to refuse, they dialed 911.

Eustis police officers arrived at the assisted care facility at 2400 Kurt St. on December 12, 2017, and encountered Fitzgerald and Lake County deputies in the front lobby.
More depressing information emerged after channel 6 investigator Adrianna Iwasinski interviewed Fitzgerald in prison after her arrest drew extensive media attention.

Before taking urgent action, the cops attempted to contact Fitzgerald’s relatives and even contacted various agencies to see if they might aid her. However, their attempts were in vain because the older woman refused to accept any assistance and stated that she would not go “until they carried her out.”

The officers understood that nothing would persuade Fitzgerald to leave the building at this moment. As a result, they decided to take drastic measures to escort her away.

However, as they neared her, she slid out of her chair and onto the floor, refusing to accompany them. Fitzgerald, on the other hand, was hauled out of the facility by the officers.

“OWW, GOD, YOU’RE HURTING ME!” the poor woman shouted and kicked. The officers, on the other hand, had already pulled her into their patrol car. Despite her age, she was not handcuffed and was taken to jail, and the incident was captured on a bodycam by an officer.

The incident shocked Karen Twinem of National Church Residences, which runs the assisted living home where Fitzgerald has lived since 2011.

“This is an incredibly rare occurrence… We attempt to locate suitable locations for them “she stated In the meanwhile, Terri Goldberg, a senior resident at Franklin House, believes that enough has been done to assist Fitzgerald. She went on to say:

“I believe that everything that could reasonably be done to assist her has been done…

I think she brought a lot of this on herself.”

After News 6 reporter Adrianna Iwasinski contacted Fitzgerald in prison after her arrest garnered extensive media attention, more depressing revelations emerged. The elder woman arrived for the interview chained and bruised on her arms, dressed in an orange prison uniform.

Fitzgerald refuted the claims against her when confronted about her unwillingness to pay the rent. “She was not going to accept it… That woman said I was to blame for the mold “She gave information about a senior home employee, saying:

“I paid my September rent, and when she chose to evict me, she refused to accept any further rent.”

Fitzgerald also confessed that Franklin House had previously attempted to find her a new home, but she had turned it down. “I don’t know anyone. “I told my family not to tell my son anything that’s going on,” she said, distraught, pointing to the sky and saying, “I don’t want them to help me.” I’m not in need of assistance. I have all of the assistance I require.”

Fitzgerald was released without posting a bond after his arrest and after two days in jail. Just a day before her 94th birthday, she was handed over to a carer. Fitzgerald was scheduled to appear in court in December 2017 on trespassing charges.

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Police dragged a 93-year-old woman out of a senior citizens’ home, arrested her, and handcuffed her later…
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