A new mom gets crititicism for piercing 1-day-old newborn’s ears and quickly responds to it…

People had a lot to say, and she was quick to answer.

In Australia, a new mother decided to get her baby daughter’s ears pierced the day she was born.

The internet was not pleased, and she quickly received a barrage of critical feedback. Others advised her to wait until her daughter was old enough to make the decision.

The mother goes by the name Lara on TikTok, and it was there that she released adorable footage of her baby girl shortly after her birth and again at three months.

As if it were a before and after photo.
Only 24 hours after her birth, the newborn baby girl wore a tiny flower earring that viewers could see.

And, as one might anticipate, online users had their own thoughts on the subject.
You have to feel sorry for the mother, who is delighted yet fatigued.

“Perhaps it’s just me, but getting my children’s ears pierced was well down my list of concerns the day they were born,” one mom remarked.

Various argued that it was fine because young girls’ ears were pierced at a young age in some cultures.

It’s a different story whether you’ve traveled the globe or done some thorough research.

Others, though, still desired to be heard.
“Wow, this takes me to a new level… I’m at a loss for words. And it hurts just as much as it does when they’re older! “Don’t kid yourself,” another internet observer advises.

“Why shouldn’t they get a choice whether or not they want their ears pierced?” a third user added. I’m going to let my kids determine when they’re ready to understand these concepts.”

The mother had a response because it appeared that she had done her homework before deciding on her child’s piercings.

“They don’t experience pain like a year or two when they’re 2-3 days old!” the new mom commented.

“The holes are given to them by neonatologists (doctors who specialize in infant care) in the hospital when they are born,” she explained.

Others agreed with her decision.
Some even claimed that in some nations, it was the norm. The mother went on to claim that the earlobes are so soft that babies won’t feel anything at all. There was no response at all.

Nigeria, India, Brazil, and Hispanic countries are all guilty of the practice.
Concerns are natural, however, the treatment was performed in a hospital, which means everything was sanitized and the procedure was meticulously performed. The risk of infection is always present, but the mother clearly knew what she was doing.

Take a look at this article on the subject.
It’s not easy to share information over the internet. Keep in mind that you’re dealing with tens of thousands of people from various origins, ethnicities, and religious beliefs. So take their words with a grain of salt.

She’s a happy parent with a beautiful daughter, and that’s all that matters.

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A new mom gets crititicism for piercing 1-day-old newborn’s ears and quickly responds to it…
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