The father surprises his daughter in the most unexpected way… Watch the adorable reuinion in the video below…

Karlie assumed her father was still away, so seeing him when she looked up was the last thing she expected.

When you’re in the military, it’s never easy to leave your family, especially your children, when you have to do your job. These fleeting goodbyes, on the other hand, add to the beauty of the reunions.

A military guy is set to reconnect with his cheerleader daughter after completing his assignment.
While on deployment in Iraq since 2020, First Lieutenant Kyle Albert of Carencro, Louisiana, missed his family tremendously. When it came time for him to return home, he made certain that their reunion was one to remember.

Instead of meeting with his daughter, Karlie, as is customary, he planned to surprise her and see how she reacted.

Karlie hadn’t seen her father since 2020, and she missed him terribly. Karlie had no idea her father was on his way home, and the army man made sure she didn’t know until he surprised her.

Kyle managed to keep his trip back home a total secret with the help of Karlie’s mother, Candice.
Karlie’s grandmother was likewise caught off guard. First Lieutenant Kyle Albert arrived home just a few weeks after informing Candice and his mother that he would be returning.

Kyle discovered he had returned home the day before Karlie’s cheerleading competition. She was set to cheer at a football game as part of her high school’s cheer squad.

This offered him a fantastic idea of how he could surprise her with his arrival. Candice worked out a plan with Karlie’s cheerleading coach to surprise her daughter. The military man wanted to photobomb a photo of the cheerleading squad.

Karlie even went to a friend’s house the day before the event to prepare for it. She had no idea that her family was planning the biggest surprise she’d ever received in the background. She and the rest of his family hid outside the stadium during the first game.

They had been anticipating the ideal opportunity to surprise their adored girl. The cheerleaders took their places and did their thing at halftime.

Karlie was probably too preoccupied with her duties to notice that someone familiar was lurking in the audience, waiting for her to discover him.

Finally, the coach requested a group picture.
Karlie was instructed to take a step forward and sit in the front row of the group so that she would be more visible in the photograph. She had no idea that this was all part of her family’s and coach’s plan to give her an incredible gift.

Karlie’s name was called, along with the names of her teammates, and they were directed to turn around by the team’s announcer. Kyle approached his daughter at that point and remarked, “Someone is missing.”

She leaped abruptly when she saw her father’s face and seemed completely taken aback.

She had to believe she was seeing things, but she wasn’t! Her father was standing right in front of her!

Karlie leaped to her feet and dashed towards her father. She cried tears of joy as she hugged him tightly.

“I was overjoyed that he was safe and at home,” Karlie said. “With everything going on with the military in other countries and some children not being able to reunite with their parents, I was scared that my father wouldn’t make it home.”

The father was overjoyed with the wonderful gift she had gotten.
Kyle, on the other hand, is grateful and blessed to be back at home with his family.

“I was both excited and delighted to see her since the first half of the game seemed to drag on in anticipation of her arrival. When I observed her reaction, I felt relieved and overwhelmed. I couldn’t believe she’d grown so much in a year.”

Watch the video below to see the emotional surprise:

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The father surprises his daughter in the most unexpected way… Watch the adorable reuinion in the video below…
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