5-year-old claims he and a classmate are “twins,” but when his mom sees the photo, she gets astonished…

She was so taken aback when she saw the photo that she started crying.

Myles, a kindergarten student, and his friend are inseparable. The boys had not yet played at one other’s homes, but they had spent a lot of time at school together.

When it came time for “Twin Day” at school, Myles knew just who he wanted to pair up with.

But, as a kindergartener, Myles remembered to tell Mom Britney Tankersley about Twin Day and that he wanted to be matched with his friend Tanner before going to bed.

Myles continued emphasizing how much he and his friend looked alike and that they had to be twins for the day.

Britney had no way of contacting this classmate’s mother and no matching clothing.
“He went on and on about how similar they both looked. ‘We both have brown eyes and black hair,’ he insisted, and he was right… So I’m upset and go to Walmart. This is too late, I’m thinking. “This isn’t for me. I’m too old.”

Britney spent an hour trying to find Myles’ friend’s mother before heading to a supermarket near their house in Alabama at about 9 p.m., and discovered two adorable plaid “Future Leader” buttondown shirts.

Britney was desperate for a snapshot of herself after all of her late-night scavenging for a Twin Day dress.

She requested that Myles’ teacher take a picture of her kid and his twin for the day.
Myles, who has a cochlear implant, was saying that he and his friend Tanner were twins and that they looked identical, so she was excited to see them in their matching uniforms.

Britney was taken aback when she received the snapshot from her teacher.
“They’re obviously two very different kids, but Myles didn’t notice.” Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could all see the world through the eyes of a pair of five-year-olds?”

She then began crying.
“I was in tears because it was so sweet.” Obviously, I’m aware that they don’t resemble each other at all. But, you know, he didn’t notice. I was expecting a photo of another white youngster with pale skin and brown hair, or something similar, but I didn’t get anything like that. “That is the sweetest thing in the entire world,” I remarked.

Tankersley posted the photo to her own Facebook page, where it quickly went viral, with over 250,000 shares.

“It’s insane.” My goal is to avoid being in the spotlight, but I believe the message is more important than the size of the explosion.”

Myles and Tanner are “the best of pals,” according to Tankersley, yet they just live a few minutes apart. The families have been able to spend time together since Twin Day, allowing the boys to have a playdate outside of school hours.

Tanner and Myles were dressed to match, which delighted the teachers at school. They both agreed that it was a touching moment.
“There are always a lot of kids dressed up that don’t look alike, but this was different.” I was put in my place since I was expecting to see something completely different, which wasn’t the case.”

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5-year-old claims he and a classmate are “twins,” but when his mom sees the photo, she gets astonished…
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