These two orphan kids who were like siblings reunite by faith after being separated 7000 miles away… Watch the touching story in the video…

The distance can separate good friends, yet they can reconnect as if nothing has changed.

This is a narrative about friendship in particular. It tells the story of two orphans who were brought together by circumstance and then reunited by fate.

Hannah had spent her early years at a Chinese orphanage before being adopted by the Sykes family of Plano, Texas.

Hannah’s adoptive mother, Sharon Sykes, fell in love with the tiny girl and fought tirelessly to bring her home.

Sharon was looking through Hannah’s adoption information one night when she noticed something.

Hannah was always accompanied by a young boy in every shot.

Sharon quickly discovered that the two orphanage friends were inseparable.
On weekends, they even shared a foster mother and addressed each other as brother and sister.

“She was hugging him and they were giving each other kisses when we went to the actual orphanage to receive her,” Sharon told Inside Edition. “How could I leave her tiny pal there?” says the narrator.

She said in an interview with Good Morning America (obtained from ABC News):

“They just had such a great and sweet relationship.”

“They were so close, we couldn’t contemplate leaving him in China without providing him with a forever family.”

Sharon couldn’t get Hannah and the small boy’s deep friendship out of her head after witnessing it.

She began spreading his tale on social media right away in the hopes of finding him a home.

“It was sad after we saw him and witnessed the interaction in the orphanage,” she told HLN (via CNN). “That whole night, I couldn’t sleep because I was thinking, ‘Oh my my, we have to find him a home.'” Sharon put forth a lot of effort to tell the narrative of the little kid. Amy Clary, a local mother, was surprised to learn of the news and expressed interest in adopting him right away. Amy told ABC News, “Look at his eyes and his smile.”

“How could you dispute that?” says the narrator. He’s just the sweetest person I’ve ever met. We had no choice but to return him to his family.”

Sharon’s husband later said: “I couldn’t believe how quickly everything occurred, and Sharon, I give my beautiful wife here a lot of credit because she invested a lot of effort and used social media to locate the little man a home,” says the author.

Adoption was a long and winding road.

Hannah reunited with her best buddy at the Dallas Fort-Worth airport over a year later, just weeks before her fourth birthday.

Hannah was ecstatic when she saw Dawson, as he had been named by the Clarys. “They must have embraced 400 times!” Amy stated in an interview with KTVT. They kept holding one other and becoming excited to the point of falling over.”
Sharon captured the lovely, pint-sized reunion on film. She later uploaded the adorable video on social media, where it quickly went viral.

Hannah and Dawson are now only a five-minute walk apart.
Despite the fact that they do not attend the same school, the families plan play dates to spend quality time together.

“My heart simply burst into joy,” Sharon said after everything happened. It’s nothing short of a miracle. Hannah gets to have him as a little companion because he was adopted by such a wonderful family who lives so close to us. “I’m ecstatic.”

“We’ve been like best buddies since we met the Clarys.”

“Hannah and Dawson will see each other on a regular basis—at least once a week, if not more frequently.”

Watch the heartwarming story below:

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These two orphan kids who were like siblings reunite by faith after being separated 7000 miles away… Watch the touching story in the video…
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