The woman rushes to the hospital, gets misdiagnosed she has kidney stones, and hours later gives birth to triplets… Watch the video for full story…

When a mother of two was in excruciating pain, she rushed to the hospital, where she was misdiagnosed with kidney stones. Doctors swiftly discovered, however, that the woman was pregnant.

Finding out you’re pregnant is a wonderful experience and a big milestone for many people. When the news comes as a complete shock, though, expectant mothers may feel overwhelmed.

When one lady found out she was expecting another kid in 2019, she didn’t have time to be astonished or bewildered. Her incredible story will leave you speechless, and her realization came out of nowhere.

Austin and Dannette Giltz were a happy family of four in Sturgis, South Dakota, unaware that their lives were about to change dramatically.

Dannette was concerned when she became ill and assumed it was due to kidney stones. She stated, ”

“I began to get pains in my back and side. Because I’ve experienced kidney stones before, it felt familiar. I couldn’t do anything but lie in bed and cry because I was in so much pain. It was painful to move and breathe.”

When the discomfort became unbearable, the mother went to an urgent care center, where doctors provided shocking news after extensive testing. Dannette was expecting twins and was pregnant!

The mother’s suffering was actually contractions, and medical personnel acted promptly because the babies were on their way. Dannette had a c-section with no time to understand what had happened, and her husband was as surprised as she was.

The father began thinking about names for the two new additions to his family as soon as he learned that his wife was stable and doing well. He couldn’t believe what he’d witnessed, but the surprises didn’t stop there.

The hospital room was peaceful, according to the mother, until the doctor asked for an extra blanket. “My husband’s reaction was like, excuse me, put it back, no, I was told I had twins, I’m not doing triplets,” Dannette explained.

The doctor, on the other hand, was not joking, and another baby was about to be born. Dannette’s family and the rest of the globe were taken aback when they discovered she was pregnant with triplets. According to the mother of five,

“It’s rare to have triplets conceived spontaneously, much less go 34 weeks without knowing. So, everyone is like, “I can’t believe it,” and I’m like, “We’re still in shock,” and believe me, we understand.”

Dannette gave birth to a male and two girls and said she didn’t have any morning sickness or stomach movement during her pregnancy.

They never dreamed something so incredible would happen to them in their 12 years together. They were caught off guard and in astonishment, but Ronnie Giltz was not.

The child admitted that he had been looking forward to his mother bringing his new brothers home. He remembered:

“One time I saw a shooting star and prayed for a baby brother and two sisters for my little sister since she had always wanted a little sister, and I knew this day would come.”

Austin admitted that his head was exploding and that he was “overwhelmed honestly,” but he was thankful for his expanding family. He was mostly concerned about his children’s health and was relieved when physicians gave them the all-clear.
Having a family of seven was unexpected, but what was even more surprising was the outpouring of love from the community. Friends, family, and complete strangers pitched in to help the newlyweds with much-needed items.

The couple and their newborns were well cared for by the little community, for which they were grateful. “It’s remarkable how many people will come together in a tiny community for anything that isn’t expected,” Dannette said.

Watch their incredible video below:

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The woman rushes to the hospital, gets misdiagnosed she has kidney stones, and hours later gives birth to triplets… Watch the video for full story…
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