The story of this girl goes viral with 7.7mln views after she shares about her date calling her a taxi for how she was dressed… Watch the video below for more details…

It takes a lot of planning and works to make a lasting first impression. With this in mind, many people prefer to persuade others by presenting themselves in their best light. A nice outfit and good cosmetics are two things that can help you make a good first impression of the person you’re thinking of. This is especially true when going on a date because everyone wants to appear their best when meeting someone who might become their significant other. Of course, looking your finest does not always imply that you wish to flaunt your wonderful looks to others. Many people enjoy expressing themselves through their looks by donning ornate clothing and accessories, as well as applying eye-catching cosmetics.

However, it appears that even your closest friends and family members can have issues with this. At least, that’s what happened to TikToker Nikki Jabs, who chose to tell her followers about her dating experience.

The woman, who is known for chronicling her adventures while living and traveling in a van, also posted films of her dating life. This is when her date, “Greg,” was introduced to her fans. Nikki was generous with her story details, and it appeared like everything was going swimmingly for them. Her new date was so nice and polite that he invited Nikki to stay at his apartment because they had so much fun together.

Everything was OK until one evening when the woman posted on her TikTok about an incident that occurred the same night. The pair intended to go out to dinner and then continue their evening by attending the grand opening of Greg’s retail company. On their approach to the restaurant, the man continued gazing at Nikki, prompting her to inquire as to what was wrong. Greg initially assured her that nothing was amiss, but as the talk progressed, it became evident that he did not want Nikki to attend the event looking the way she had the night before. When the woman recommended that she change, he expressed his dissatisfaction with the scenario, saying that it made him feel “terrible.”

Everything appeared to be going swimmingly between the couple until the woman released a video after being sent home by her boyfriend one evening.

Nikki also said that Greg had previously commented on her appearance, telling her that she didn’t need cosmetics or that she was overdressed. With this in mind, Nikki told Greg that either he should be fine with her attending the event dressed whichever she wanted, or she would not attend at all. The man then offered to summon an Uber for her.

This incident progressed to the point that the woman returned to his house and drove back to her van with all of her belongings while he was at the event. Nikki, on the other hand, had to return to his apartment since she had forgotten her laptop. Greg tried to win her back by apologizing and urging her to stay, but she knew it was too late.

Nikki gained a lot of attention online after she published her tale on social media. Many TikTok users were relieved that she ended the relationship so quickly because this man was displaying some fairly toxic behavior that would have only gotten worse with time. Some users, understandably, believed that the woman had brought this scenario onto herself. The woman was open to the conversation and expressed gratitude for being able to leave the relationship without it developing further.

The woman sat down after her first video and detailed the entire event that occurred that evening.

The TikToker shared what she was wearing that night, which caused her companion to question her fashion choices.

“The attention that the story has gotten has definitely kept my mind off of the fact that I just went through a breakup,” the woman said. For me, it’s been a whirlwind of a week. I’m relieved to have put an end to things sooner rather than later, as his pattern of making disparaging remarks about my appearance grew with time.” Nikki also revealed that she severed all relations with the man, despite his attempts to apologize and reconnect.

The woman was enraged by his conduct, stating that it wasn’t the first time he had made a remark about her appearance.

People on the internet were urging her that she should leave the man because he was abusing her.

Watch her video below:

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The story of this girl goes viral with 7.7mln views after she shares about her date calling her a taxi for how she was dressed… Watch the video below for more details…
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